a little stagnant

I haven’t had much to say.
Thoughts have been stuck in a cloud.
But I certainly feel
a desire to reveal
a glimpse of what’s up with me.

The blog’s been a little bit stale
I hope to change that soon.
Maybe I’ll write
And not sound so trite
when I begin to hit the publish button.

Dammit! even my rhyming is stagnant.

Actually, I’ve had quite a bit going on, I just haven’t made the time to log anything in the ol’ blog.  A lot of my friends on my blogroll have been going through the same thing I guess.

My blog buddy Mused just wrote something that speaks of how her blog has gotten a little dusty.  I’ve been wondering where Amuirin has been.  I miss you Am.  Melon Girl went and got herself engaged and we haven’t heard from her since then.  Bibliomom, pulled her blog completely off.  Even LB seems to have been a little distant as well.

Maybe it’s just blogging cyclical thing.
[knock, knock, knock…]
y’all are still out there right?


3 responses to “a little stagnant

  1. Having a tough time writing about all the stuff swirling in my head… Maybe it’s spring fever. Hope all is well!

  2. Thanks for linking, Jules, and I’m even laggier in reponding! I put it down to Spring Fever. Yeah. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. 🙂

  3. * I mean, responding. I wrote reponding. Had I been able to re-pond more (as in, visit the pond?) perhaps I’d be refreshed and post more too? 😕

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