thoughts on SB1070

Well I have managed to calm down a little from the passage of SB1070 in Arizona and a discussion with my brother in-law (my white brother in-law) who is married to my (Mexican) sister.  I also had some online sparring with a few others about the subject as well that got me a little pissed off.

In all cases, none of us are lawyers nor do we know immigration law.  But we were giving it our best shot.  I even thought I had things nailed down when I told my brother in-law the bill is violation of the Constitution.  I thought it especially ironic that I had to give my him a civics lesson and had to explain what the Fourth Amendment is, although he claims the oath he took to join the Navy to defend the Constitution is a big deal to him still.

Anyway… in discussing as many angles as we could think of, one thing was quite clear.

The discussion was an “us” and “them” mentality.  And the underlying basis (at least in my opinion) of what was coming out of the minds of those I was sparring with was “them” are different from “us” and because of that,  “us” doesn’t like “them”.

You know there are all kinds of posturing and defenses the pro SB1070 folks claim as to why they support Arizona’s decision.  Loss of jobs, drain on the economy, crime is higher, strain on school systems, etc.

The fact is, the cost of illegal immigration according to one study I found here says it’s a wash.  Another here says the costs are minimal.  Now, I’m not saying I am pro illegal aliens.  I’m just showing some sources that discount the claims of those who try to justify their racism with economics.

The really sad thing about the passage of SB 1070 though is the underbelly that has been made visible.  It is a sad testament of those in support of the bill.  The line that has been drawn in the sand and those who stand in support of the bill has shown how we as human beings have not evolved at all.  We have lost sight of whatever religion we follow and the teachings that have told us to care for our fellow man.  We are fearful of those different from us. We lack the capacity to empathize with others and cannot see the savagery we display when we devolve down to our reptilian brain.

THAT, my friends, is the truly ugly aspect of this bill.


And now… a little comic relief to ease some of the tension.  This is a vid of couple of guys who hop the fence in Arizona.  At about 1:20 is where it gets kinda funny.  My Spanish isn’t very good but from what I can make out of this exchange between these two Mexican fellas goes something like this:

Guy 1 (with camera) “Hey so tell all of us your experience of being over on the other side.”

Guy 2: (the younger guy) oh it felt good. I was even able to speak English for a little bit. It even felt like the tone of my voice changed for a little while.

Ok… maybe it’s just funnier in Spanish.

3 responses to “thoughts on SB1070

  1. My poor ole state! (Yes, I am a semi-proud Arizonan) has garnered international attention from this. We are reeling. We are being boycotted by sports fans, even! Most of us shake our heads and realize that NONE of us voted for our current governor, she inherited the position when our former really-pretty-good governor, Janet Napolatano got a better job offer. I believe the next elections will reflect that. I also believe that this unfortunate bill will not hold up in court. As a long-time resident of the southwest, I never saw an us/them issue between the Mexican-American families, many who have been citizens for generations before a lot of European immigrants, and others, until now. My friends and I just hold hands, sing Kum-Ba-Ya, and carry on, knowing this too shall pass. 🙂

  2. “We have lost sight of whatever religion we follow and the teachings that have told us to care for our fellow man. We are fearful of those different from us.”

    So true. How can this still be so true? It boggles my mind.

  3. crazy isn’t, Erin.

    Mused… I hope it doesn’t hold up in court. I talked to a lawyer friend who believes it will easily be overturned on at least a couple of Constitutional angles.

    By the way… the video. I told my dad about it and I it must be funnier in Spanish. Because as I was telling him about it he started chuckling as I led into the story. Him just translating it in his head was funny enough.

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