food poisoning sucks

Ugh… on Tuesday night The Deistette and I were doing the evening ritual of  figuring out something for dinner.  It’s been hard lately since my brother and I destroyed the kitchen (a post on that coming soon).

The Deistette decides she’ll just use some left over rotisserie chicken and make a salad for herself.  I can have a sandwich and add a little nutrition with some lettuce.  The boy can have left over chicken and fried rice.  Tah dahhh!… another dinner crisis averted.

About an hour later, Emmie started to feel a little clammy and nauseated.  Not 30 seconds after she told me she was feeling bad did she lose it.  I get really nervous when she hurls her food.  She is so tiny that she needs to keep every ounce in her that she can.  But she doesn’t have a gallbladder so she can only intake so much fat, she has celiac disease (she has to eat gluten-free) and on top of those two things is allergic to a few foods.

Anyway, so she feels better after her little episode and we try to figure out why it happened.  We have no idea since nothing was wrong with me.  Well about 5:30 in the morning I wake up with my stomach cramped like there’s no tomorrow. I won’t give you the gory details but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

I’ve been feeling the effects for three days now.  And we thought maybe it was the lettuce since we both ate that.

Well last night we confirmed it.  Emmie found an article that said lettuce had been recalled due to an e-coli scare and that 19 were made ill.  ADD TWO MORE TO THE LIST BUCKO!

I hope I get to felling better soon.  It’s amazing to me how this human body we occupy can be so resilient and hardy yet at other times is quite delicate.  I say that from a spiritual perspective that I believe we are spirits occupying a human shell, trying to make our way through this world, learn lessons and get back home.

Ugh… but what a way to learn the lesson of really washing your lettuce before you eat it though.

Cue up Tool please.

[The Deist begins singing in his head “this body… this body holding me… Feeling eternal, all this pain is an illusion” as he looks up the right youtube vid]

Ha. Got it. Even has lyrics. Enjoy.

3 responses to “food poisoning sucks

  1. oh no, hope you guys are all better. food poisoning sucks so bad. I’ve had it a few times, no fun.

  2. Oik! Sorry to hear you got so sick. If food poisoning has to happen to anyone, it should only be people who believe in less regulation, and that it’s fine not to monitor those who provide our food …

  3. Hey Sherri! Emmie was feeling better that night after she yacked. Me… it took about four days. : (

    Ombud… I agree. Have you seen the movie “Food, Inc.”? Pretty scary and after watching it one is left feeling angry, pissed and violated.

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