June’s UU Big Question – The Other “U”

I don’t really write much about UUism or my church.  I pretty much write things that happen in my life from my Deist and UU perspective but over at a new blog called The UU Salon, the moderators post a question that invite UU bloggers to comment on it.

This month’s question is:
Universalism, the “other U.” What does it mean to you? Do you resonate with Universalism, or not? What about the Universalist perspective challenges or comforts you?

For non UU readers of mine you may feel a little left out by this post. Sorry. : (

So the “other U”.   Universalism… it’s the “U” that resonates with me most.  It fills me with a feeling of grace and humility.

But when I first found UUism and began attending my church it was the Unitarian aspect that I gravitated to at first.  I found comfort in the idea that all forms of the Divine were manifestations of one God.   I attended a showing of One: The Movie and was hooked on the idea that all are one.

As I have evolved in my spiritual growth though, I have found what is most important to me is the idea that God is too good, too loving and too forgiving to damn anyone to an eternity of suffering.  And so now it is the other U… Universalism that resonates most with me.

For me it means all will reach the ultimate goal of being one with God again.  It is comforting to me to have this idea.  Coupled with basic teachings of Buddhism and the philosophy Deism has to the nature of God, Universalism reinforces my idea that through learned lessons, our own works and a number of rebirths we will all eventually find our way back to our spiritual home.

There are of course challenges to reconcile with the idea of Universal salvation.  What of those who commit the most heinous of acts against humanity and other sentient beings.  Why do bad things happen to good people.  What is our responsibility to respond to those who destroy our earthly home and others in it.

I think this is where religion comes in and why I attend my church.

2 responses to “June’s UU Big Question – The Other “U”

  1. Jules, how ya been? I think I told you once I consider myself to be Universalist but not Unitarian? so I resonate with this. An organization I belong to has the slogan “One light; many paths”, which speaks of Universalism to me. All paths are lovely, valid, appropriate, and right for certain people at certain times. Also, paths that aren’t my main one still have much to teach me.
    Thank you for this.

  2. Like you, I was originally more “Unitarian.” My Mom took us to the church, and one of the first concepts that captured my imagination, along with religious tolerance, was the history of Unitarians losing out to Trinitarians. And Universalism was always sort of … the sidekick. (Sorry!)

    But as I’ve gotten older, one of the most annoying theological concepts to me has been the guilt trip of Hell. It’s really a horrible thing to tell people: you have to believe as we do, or you are going to suffer terribly forever in some Static Place of torment. It’s just so anti- everything we know about the Universe.

    Whether or not Jesus is the path and the only path, or Muhammad gave us God’s most recent Word, the one concept from the Three Great Desert Religions which I find most repugnant and unbelievable is damnation to hell.

    So I’ve come to like the idea of Univeral salvation much, much more. and it’s more central for me now. That people are products of their environments, which leads them to their behaviors, and they shouldn’t be damned eternally for them. Whether or not there is heaven, I’m firmly with the Universalists in the belief that there’s no hell.

    Good post, Jules.

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