a lesson in gardening

Well it seems as though Mother Nature has a way of self-righting things. I’ve described to my new blog buddy over at http://kitchendilettante.com that I’ve been having problems with our little raised bed garden.  She’s got it rough, too living in the searing desert in Phoenix, AZ.

But my problems are apparently due to me not knowing what the hell I’m doing.

And so my little garden was looking quite puny.  My zucchini had giant leaves but nothing resembling fruit.  Same thing with the squash.  The tomato plant looked awful… the leaves were curled and kinda brittle.  The lettuce was dying a slow death.  The peppers and onion already dead.  The only thing that seemed to be doing ok was our little watermelon vine.  A couple of weeks ago we saw the first little yellow flowers and then about a week ago we saw the teeniest, tiniest little hint of what looks like a melon.

So in comes Mother Nature to give my garden a fighting chance.  We had a quite a bit of rain the past couple of days… hours of soft drizzle then shifting to a quick 20 minute burst of heavy rain being dumped.  Then a little break, back to more drizzle then more heavy rain all while having lots of dark clouds.

So this morning, we had the sun break through.  It must have rained a little through the night because the ground is still pretty soggy and the sidewalk and driveway were still wet.   It was really humid but no more rain.  The Deistette and I went out to the backyard to let our dog Charlie out (who had been holding it in for two days since he is completely neurotic about rain, thunder, and lightening among other things).

Here’s Charlie being neurotic.

Anyway, so we went into the backyard and this is what we found!

Happy tomato plant!

a flower on the squash!

our melon got bigger!


4 responses to “a lesson in gardening

  1. Hooray!!! I love it when Mother Nature comes to the rescue. Everything looks beautiful! Fresh and green. Can’t wait to hear how this lovely rain will nurture everything into happy fruit.

    – Sherry

    PS — Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. We planted our first garden this year. First we had squash and zucchini that were huge and delicious. Then the tomatoes started arriving and those were great too. Then it got super hot and dry and everything started dying. We had a whole bunch of cucumber that all got scorched and are gone now, the squash died, the zucchini died but has been reincarnated this last week. Right now we have some eggplant and peppers, but that’s it. I hope the zucchini actually blossom and grow. It was great for a little while to have some fresh homegrown veggies. Glad you have gotten some good gardening weather though. I have definitely discovered a new found appreciation for rain with our gardening experience this year.

    Hope you are well!!


  3. Leslee!!!! Our twinkling continues. I was just thinking of you yesterday. Sorry I hadn’t made it by your blog or anything lately. My busy state of being continues for me.

    I’ve found a new appreciation for rain as well with our small little plot of boxed dirt.

    I imagine the arid climate Sherry is in (by the way, Sherry, meet Leslee… Leslee has a cool blog I think you’d like) Anyway, I imagine Sherry’s desert climate makes it tough to grow stuff without raising a high tab with the water bill.

  4. Psht, you have a melon! That’s way better than a few grape tomatoes. Though, I put fertilizer down and everything went crazy. I have itty bitty strawberries and maybe the beginnings of a pepper!

    Good luck! I believe in your happy tomato plant.

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