are we a Christian nation?

Polls, data… sheer numbers would suggest a majority of this nation (at this moment in history) is Christian.  But our founding?… the founders?  What of the future?

Christians, with unwavering confidence on this topic, will state the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation.  I heard Glen Beck, who is now some sort of born again, evangelical Mormon or something, yesterday state that the founding documents were based primarily on Deuteronomy.

He’s an idiot and wrong the same way Christians are wrong about the U.S. being founded as a Christian nation.  You can keep saying it but it doesn’t make it true.

I’ve been re-reading a book called Faith of the Founding Fathers that gives a kind of breakdown of most of the founders and which side they sat on the religious fence.  Fascinating stuff.

What I’ve learned is that the founders were quite deliberate about keeping religion out of government and the public square.  When they do mention God it is terms that were very, VERY Deistic… Nature’s God, Divine Providence, etc.  And what they left out of the founding documents speaks volumes.

I highly recommend the book.

I will also point you to a really well written post on the topic over at:

Jim Etchison and Brian Sasville have a written a really good post on the founders, Jesus and about how history is written (and rewritten) by the victors. It’s somewhat long, but a good read.

Happy Friday everyone.

4 responses to “are we a Christian nation?

  1. Right on. I could go off about this at length. But I am weary today…
    Good post!

  2. It’s just amazing to me that we ever descended this far, as a nation. As fear is the tool of the far right, you’d think religion might be the antidote to their fearmongering.

    But no, the fearmongers employ faith as a weapon. You don’t even need to ask what Jesus would say — he said it already; his followers just aren’t paying attention.

  3. You’re right Ombud.

    The more and more fear that gets instilled into the general public, who either lack the time, interest or wherewithall to investigate irrational fear or the degree of some rational fear (i.e the economy) really is, the more those in control use the idea of becoming a theocracy as the way to end the “bad stuff” that’s happening to our country.

    Crazy days we live in.

  4. Thank you for this, Julian, and to Ombud for that comment. And for the link! Very informative. Of course I agree with you. I’m constantly arguing that this is NOT a Christian country as we do not have a state religion; only a country where most identify as Christians if asked. 🙂

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