slap me silly and call me MacGyver

So I’m still doing home improvements.  I’ve lived in my house almost 13 years and I don’t think I’ve done this much improvement in all those years combined as I have in the past year.  Most (ok, actually all) of it being spurred by ugly letters from my home owners association, The Deistette’s deathly allergies to mold and hurricane Ike having torn pieces of my house off a couple of years ago.

So last weekend the project was to tear off a small patch of siding and replace it and the insulation underneath.  Easy enough I guess.  It’s only about three and a half feet high and not quite six feet wide with a three foot square window in the middle.

I feel compelled to note that a little challenge to this project is it’s on the second floor of the house and by the way, I have an extreme fear of heights.  This little affliction didn’t serve me well while in the military.

So I go the local big box home improvement store to get the stuff I need.

Another thing to mention… I know longer have my SUV. I drive Emmie’s little Ford Focus hatchback.  Knowing this little piece of information might help you understand why I think perhaps my nickname should change to MacGyver from The Deist.

You see, pieces of hardiplank come in 12’ pieces.  The room inside a Ford Focus hatchback is not 12 feet long.  That could be a problem to your average Joe who isn’t a MacGyver.  Also, I wanted to use some stuff that is Styrofoam with radiant barrier foil on one side but it comes in a 4’x8’ sheet.  A Ford Focus hatchback is not four feet wide.

So here is how awesome I am.
Problem: small car. trying to fit big stuff inside.

Picture of big stuff to put inside small car.

Picture of how small space is inside small car with insulation and siding inside.

MacGyver tools to the rescue that cut styrofoam radiant barrier.

Tah dahhhhhh!


Twelve hours of cursing, hammering my thumb three times, almost falling off the roof, almost fainting from heat exhaustion (it was 101 the day I did this with 110 heat index), ruining pieces of window trim, ruining pieces of siding and downing a few bottles of Gatorade later I DID IT!

Only a guhzillion more square feet of siding to replace.


2 responses to “slap me silly and call me MacGyver

  1. Congratulations, and you have my symapthy, Jules. On the bright side, at least you’re making progress, right?

  2. I can so relate! I just posted about not knowing where to start on the home repair front! Keep at it; little by little we’ll both get there. LOVED the pictures, and the process they showed. The car is adorable! 🙂

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