an afternoon at Ren Fest

Friends of mine from church got married today.  Unfortunately The Deistette and I were running late and came skidding into the chapel just in time to catch “the kiss”.  But at least we made it in time to see that as well as the part where the preacher says “I have the privilege of being the first to introduce Mr and Mrs”

We had a good reason for being late though.

The wedding was being held about an hour away at the Texas Renaissance Festival and at the last minute we decided to try and cobble together some costumes.  We both went as renaissance type peasants.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t a good reason but it’s a reason.

After spending much of the night before their big day gathering left over fabric and faux leather from a previous costume I managed to put something together that was passable.

After seeing these people though, i don’t think we even came close.

There are some people who really go all out when it comes to Renn Fest but this was one of the most amazing things I think I’ve seen in the three times I’ve ever been.  Pretty damn cool baby carriage.


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