Dear Mr. President

It was two years ago that I cast my vote for you.

Two years later, here at the midterm election and I am so disappointed. It’s more than disappointment.  It’s anger.  It’s dissolution. It’s a feeling that goes beyond being sad or depressed.  I let myself believe that you would really change some glaring problems in our country and I feel duped.

You PROMISED you would be transparent and you are not. Your election was based on a desire to change Washington and you brought hope that it would but it hasn’t.

It is not enough that you passed health care reform, Make Home Affordable and extended unemployment benefits. I have, or a family member has benefited from these acts, but they are bandaids on symptoms of a dysfunction that is systemic.

You owe me Mr. Obama. You owe us. We want real change.  If you need help on what you can do, you can start with your transparency promise.  Then…

Repeal The Patriot Act.
Impose campaign finance reform. REAL campaign finance reform.
Set term limits on congressmen and senators.
Demand an amendment be passed that strips away the idea that a CORPORATION has the same fundamental rights as WE THE PEOPLE!
No more war without formal declaration from Congress.

That would be a start towards real change and to right the ship.

If you need help, I have a few friends that have great ideas on how you can unscrew this country with just a few quick strokes of the pen. Why don’t you invite US over to your place to have a beer sometime and we can share some of them with you.

Hell, you know what… strike that. Come to my place! I’d love to share a pint or two with you and show you around my house so you can get an idea of how the average Joe lives and what we want of our country.

I think you you should accept my invite because somewhere along the way Mr. President you have forgotten what you promised, how you got where you are and where you came from.

9 responses to “Dear Mr. President

  1. It’s easy to feel angry and disillusioned. I know a lot of people feel that way, but I still think we elected the right man. I think he has made efforts, but it’s like untangling an impossible knot. Things have been done a certain way for so long, and the only way to try and change how they’re done is to use the very system that needs to be abolished.


    Few things I thought of when I was reading this, that I thought I might share:

  2. I, unlike you did not vote for Mr. Obama, but I find that I agree with your list of demands 100%. Our common ground still gives me hope for our country.

  3. I see your point(s), but I also think that it’s what he has accomplished that has the far right so up in arms against him.

    For instance, they’re livid about the health care overhaul. I just have to hope that the reforms take hold in enough places, and enough people realize the savings , so that the GOP is unable to repeal it.

    If people will just give it a chance, I’ve no doubt that the percent of our income we spend on health care will fall in line with the rest of the civilized world, who all have national health insurance and aren’t getting reamed the way we are.

  4. I too see your points, but there has been a lot of SH*T thas happened thus far that got us to this point thanks to several administrations… on both sides of the political coin. I am anxious as well, but I have watched this country denegrate to it’s current status since I was a little girl.

    It cannot be undone in the blink of an eye, or in two years. I am willing to wait for several years as long as we are put back on the right path of making this the land of the free and the home of the brave… for EVERYONE… not just those in a special tax bracket.

    …and may the higher powers, whoever they are, bless you for the service to our country. Whatever the motives are, I believe they are pure. That’s one of those things this country was founded on. Or that’s my take on it.

    …and yes, I’m back after a long hiatus. I am unemployed and I’ve got time to read, breathe, and reflect once again. There is not much of a material paycheck there, but the inner paycheck is shining. Peace, Deist.

  5. Oh, and besides peace, I send my love. 😀

  6. Hey, Jules, where are you, man?

  7. Hey Ombud… i’m still hear. Sorry. I was pretty crappy about not responding on this one huh.

    I agree with Am and you in that we need to give it some time. It took quite a bit of time to screw things up and will take just as much if not longer to unscrew things.

    But you know… the easiest and most immediate thing he could have done to wipe away part of the Bush legacy was to let The Patriot Act go away. I mean, it has had THE biggest, broadest stroke in stripping civil liberties from citizens than any other piece of legislation in history. Instead he signed an extension on parts of it. I just don’t get it.

    Mike and Ken… thanks for stopping by. Sorry it took so long for me to say hello.

    And Melon Girl. 🙂
    Sorry about your job situation but glad you stopped by to say hi.
    So we gonna get to hear a little recording of your horn playing now that you’ve got a little time on your hands. : ) Mucho love to you too M.G.

  8. I’m with Am and Om. Am-ommmmmmmm….

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