The obligatory Christmas songs concert

So here we are with only eleven days until Christmas and (believe it or not) I only heard my first Christmas song just about a week ago.  It came from inside my house when my stepson was practicing his songs for the big 1st grade Christmas concert.

His first Christmas concert.

So yeah…  I had not heard a single note of Christmas carol music (unless of course you count the song by Robert Earl Keene that my band is covering) except for him busting out a few jams while washing his hands, sitting on the potty or cleaning his room before bedtime during the past week or so.

I hadn’t really thought about it but either I haven’t really paid attention or I really don’t get out much. I’m thinking it’s the latter.  I mean we all know every store in the U.S. now begins playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. The Deistette gets our grocery shopping done during the afternoon when we need things (oh, did I mention that Corporate America job she had that sucked her soul is now gone.  Eight weeks ago. I’m in freak out mode right now).

Anyway, so I don’t get out much.

Well, last week I heard quite a few Christmas tunes… tiny little voices, slightly off key and off tempo singing out the standards of this season.  It was pretty damn cool.

The experience has spurred the Little Man to proclaim that he wants to be in a choir and sing all the time.  Admittedly the boy has a pretty keen sense of pitch.  Actually I’m pretty damn amazed at his sense of pitch and rhythm.  I’m curious to know what he’ll do with music as he grows up.

But for now… Merry Christmas everyone.  He’s the one kinda in the center with the Marine-ish type haircut. Hey… what can I say.  It’s the only kind of haircut I know how to give. : )

3 responses to “The obligatory Christmas songs concert

  1. I can be a fairly cold-hearted bastard when it comes to Christmas. I’m just not at all sentimental that way. But, when reminded that kids think the whole thing is pretty special, I kinda go “awwwwww.” Thanks for the reminder that it’s not all consumerism or “Jesus is Reason for the Season”, but rather an exciting and delightful time for the wee ones.

  2. awwww! me too. I hope the little man does pursue choir music; sounds like he has the talent for it. It has been a wonderful thing in my own life for many years! 🙂

  3. Choir concerts were among my favorite things about school. Thanks for sharing.

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