best Christmas gift this year

We had a pretty bad year this year financially.  Emmie lost her job in July, got hired at another place a couple of weeks later only to have that contract end after only two months.  Her mom moved in with us in July and hasn’t been able to find anything in the way of work which is pretty disheartening.

Last year I got a bonus which won’t happen this year because my company has lost clients throughout the year instead of gaining ground.

So the presents were pretty scarce this year.

But despite that I got something from my stepson that was pretty touching.

He gave me a a plastic box that he used to store his crayons that he wrapped in the comics from the newspaper.  He had taped a little leather string that he tied in a bow and on a piece of plain white paper he scrawled Merry Christmas on the front and on the inside he wrote “you’re the best second daddy ever.”

I got all verklempt and pretended that I got a coughing spell so no one could see that I got all teary eyed.

I don’t know why but it really touched me. I guess because I know he did as best as he possible could to give me something for Christmas.

2 responses to “best Christmas gift this year

  1. Those gifts are the best kind.

  2. Great story. I love how kids have it down to the simplest and purest meaning. Great gift.

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