Amen to what the Preacher Man said

My UU congregation has gone through a few ministers in its 15 year history.  I can think of four right off the top of my head but I think there has been seven including our current minister.

We share him with another congregation in San Antonio because we only had enough money to hire him part time.  Rough gig for the preacher man as he drives the three hours from San Antone to us once a month… sometimes twice. Don’t tell his boss though cuz he’s only supposed to come over once.  He likes us.

Anyway, apparently my powers of sway and persuasion were too much for the preacher man to handle and he went and started himself a blog. Unfortunately it’s on Blogger so I haven’t a clue as to what to tell him when he asks me questions.

Anyway, to my friends and UU readers, please go check out Rev. Phil’s blog at UU Matters and show him some comment love.

His first post is pretty cool which speaks to how the littlest of actions can be viewed as sacred.

2 responses to “Amen to what the Preacher Man said

  1. But aren’t you in Houston? Isn’t there a big enough congregation there?
    *Looks befuddled*

  2. Hey Ombud! Long time no hear. Got any new brews going in your garage with the cool weather?
    Anyway, i’m assuming your asking “isn’t there a big enough congregation there” that we could share one with instead of having this guy drive in from San Antonio.
    Yes and no. There are a handful of bigger churches in the Houston area but I’m assuming the UUA, contracts, time and other things I probably don’t know about prohibit them from speaking in our pulpit although we have on occasion had a minister here and there speak at my church while they were on summer sabbatical from their home congregation.

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