on the shooting of Gabby Giffords

The shooting of a U.S. representative in Arizona on Jan 8th, has manifested the political divide in this country as a clearly as seeing a fly in cream soup.

As more details bubble out from the interwebs about the shooter, target maps from the right, bulls eye maps from the left, and all the variables surrounding this event, one thing remains true.

The vitriol that occurs on talk radio, political television, social networks, and blogs on both sides has to stop.

The shooting of public officials is the stuff of third world nations. Whatever side you sit on certainly you can see this event is a disgrace, disgusting and dishonors the experiment that is the American Republic.

Various things have been stated about the shooter that point to what many of us already believe, which is that this was the act of a lunatic… an isolated incident that were actions of someone who was not in their right mind.

But the mere fact that people immediately pointed to vehement language spewed from conservative talk radio hosts from the likes of Michael Savage, Limbaugh and other lower rung quasi celebrities as well as demagogues like Glenn Beck,  Sarah Palin, Bill O’Riley and others of their caste cannot be dismissed.  It cannot be dismissed as being a random, mentally deranged lunatic when the far right begins standing in a defense posture to their previous words and actions.

I saw Keith’s response and agree… the gun metaphors have to go.  The allusions to violence has to go. If those on both left and right do not apologize or in some way publicly acknowledge their words and actions may have even slightly, twice or third times removed contributed to this event which is now symbolic of the political divide in this country… they are condoning the behavior of gunning down public officials.


4 responses to “on the shooting of Gabby Giffords

  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly. In fact, I posted the same video yesterday. Great minds think alike. 🙂

    But seriously, the tension in the air is getting far too thick and it concerns me.

  2. My family homesteaded in AZ in 1908. I was raised on a reservation back in the 50’s and 60’s. We practiced MLK famous quote long before he ever said it. When you’re out there in the desert, you depend on each other. I would suggest that everyone takes some time and truly reads many of the statements made over the years by the
    Democrats. You can see that they are the true racists who promote race and class warfare. They have been very successful in keeping black Americans on the Democratic Plantation with pay off’s. Remember the lady that said, prior to the election, that President Obama would see that her house and car payment were paid, hasn’t happened yet.
    Ever since the Great Society, marriages have declined in the black American community, single motherhood has increased, welfare has increased, and more of their men are in prison. And yet, they still support the Democrats that basically put them there, not conservatives who believe in self responsibility. It is very interesting to listen to many black American businessmen who also believe in responsibility on many of these conservative shows. You never hear any Democrats talk about self-reliance, pulling yourself up by your “Boot Straps” etc., it is always “Your government will take care of you!” The Pima County Sheriff is absolutely a political Hack who is more interested in protecting the party than doing his job. All the shooter’s classmates have reported that he is a “Left-wing” pothead. He also has a police record. Why didn’t the Sheriff know about him, since so many people thought he was capable of violence? Gives one pause to wonder.

  3. great minds indeed, Kim. 🙂

    I gotta admit Joe, until you got to you last two sentences, I’m not sure what anything you said has to do with gun metaphors and hate language. Well, except maybe the generalizations you made about black people. I guess that’s kinda to do with the hate language thing heard throughout the blogosphere and other communications sources. 😐

  4. You are right, Julian. Vitriol on both sides needs to stop. Hate language, violent metaphors. It’s all toxic.

    Hope you are well!

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