made it through another year

Yesterday I completed 44 years on this water covered rock and today begins my 45th.  Statistically speaking I have completed more than half of my life.  If I’m lucky, I guess I’ve got about 35… maybe 40 years left.

Weird to think about.  When I was younger I didn’t give it much thought.  As I notch another year behind me, I have to admit I’ve thought about it now and again for the past few years.


There is a bill that I have on automatic payment and of all the bills I have it’s the one I don’t mind seeing come around.  In fact, along with a few Buddhist teachings, my thoughts on spirituality and God, it is something that gives me solace about checking out of this body and moving on.

It’s my life insurance policy premium.  It will take care of The Deistette when I’m no longer around as well as Little Fawn (my wife and teenage daughter for new readers) should I reach an earlier than expected demise.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of only having it cover me until I reach age 63. 😦

I tried to get it extended last week to 30 years but the company said I couldn’t do it unless I just buy a whole new policy.  I’m thinking of doing it.

I have no problems with death. It’s just part of the cycle.  The problem I have is worrying about what will happen to my loved ones.  I get nervous and worried about their well-being.

I’m sure things will be ok. For now, I’ll just have some cake.

Wow… it looks like I’ve already checked out and descended into the seventh level of hell doesn’t it.

8 responses to “made it through another year

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Just read some of your blog in return for paying mine a visit. You have a lovely writing style and a similar outlook here and there so I’m quite sure I’ll be popping back from time to time. That cake looked massive!

  3. Happy Birthday from the Deist Review!!!

  4. Thanks Kim, so much.

    InspiringOne! Thanks for stopping by, the well wishes and compliments to my blog. I like yours, too.

    John, well this is quite a surprise. Thanks for stopping by and sending birthday greetings. I can’t tell you what a treat it is to have a fellow deist pop in and say hello. Thanks so much.

  5. Happy Birthday, Julian!!

    I turned 45 last year. It’s weird. Not really feeling that old, y’know?


  6. Thanks Erin! Ha! You and I are so close in age. I had no idea. Well, I mean I knew were close but not a year apart. When is your b-day?

  7. A very belated but still good wish to you, my friend. I’m dealing with that life insurance issue, too, from another angle. Your family is lucky to have you. 🙂

  8. MUSED! I feel like I haven’t seen your little lyre in so long. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Muah!

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