are dreams part of the spirit realm?

I had a dream last night. My dreams lately have been very broken up. When I wake up and try to remember they seem like fragments.  The scenes are picked up after they started and then are clipped off before the ending.

This dream was the same in that regard.

Fragmented. Splotchy. Clipped.

There was also a house that has shown up in my dreams now and again over the past couple of years… an old three story house that has an Adams Family feel to it… creepy, weird and odd but not in the funny ha-ha way the show perceived the house.

No this has an eerie feel to it, yet I know the hiding places, nooks and secret doors.  There are hidden stone passage ways within the walls, ceiling and fireplaces that are dark and have an unsettling energy to them but I am familiar with their route and I know where the peek holes are where I can see down into hallways and rooms of this cavernous house.

And although this house has been in recurring dreams over the past two or three years about eight or ten times, there was a certain character who made an appearance last night who hasn’t been in my dreams in a very long time.  My ex wife JK was in it.

For some reason, last night she was in my dream. It was as if she and I were trying to communicate through this dream. It’s weird. I don’t know quite how to explain it.

We were in one of the secret passages located above a dining hall.  We were crawling quietly up the creaky stairs of a very narrow secret passage that led to a belfry or bell tower of sorts.  As we climbed higher I could see down into the dining hall through slats in the wall and holes in the wallpaper. She was behind me and kept tugging at my pants to get my attention.  When I’d turn to look back she would mouth or whisper something but I couldn’t hear her. There was some sort of white noise in the background like wind or something and so I couldn’t hear her.  I couldn’t tell what she was saying but the expression on her face made it seem urgent.

In my dream, I felt like she was trying to tell me some things about herself that would explain why she left eight years ago… like it was a mental condition.  She even told me the name of the condition but when I woke up I couldn’t remember it.  As I woke I was begging my mind to remember so I could search it out on the web to see  if it was a real condition or simply some word my mind had conjured up in the dream. I couldn’t get that word back.

I’ve read a book or two that claims dreams are the plane where souls communicate through the divide.  I don’t know if I really believe in that kind of stuff… maybe. I don’t know.

But the attempt to communicate seemed so… so…

…. authentic.

I wonder if she dreamed of me last night.

Guess I’ll never know.


8 responses to “are dreams part of the spirit realm?

  1. Christina Cronk

    There are very few things I believe absolutely, but the importance of our Dreams is one of them. If it is a reoccurring dream for you, perhaps it will come again where you can pay close attention to that word. I have had a few reoccurring dreams, and when they reveal something new it always throws me off kilter.
    Happy Dreaming.

  2. Hi Christina. Thanks for taking the time to comment. How’d you find me by the way?
    Well, I’m not sure how much stock I put in dreams but there is something about them that is very important. Physiologically they are the means by which our subconscious vents and processes what the conscious has been dealing with throughout the day.

    Yet despite my reason kicking in and trying to explain away dreams with logic and science, I can’t keep out of my thoughts the “what if…” about dreams.

    What if the electrical firings between nodes in our brain which create the images we see in our sleep is the mechanism used by the spirit world. What if their energy triggers that spark of electrical energy?

    What if…
    What if we knew that was absolutely True? How would we view sleep? Would it be a more sacred event than simply going through the ritual of brushing teeth, washing face, peeling back sheets and flopping into bed.

    I wonder.

  3. P.S. Not many people use the phrase “off kilter.”
    I think you and I may be members of a short number. : )

    And in noodling around your blog, I found your mention of Kelsey Bulkin, who has a wonderful voice and amazing songs. Very good stuff. thanks.

  4. Christina Cronk

    Those are all excellent questions, and we may never know absolutely, but I also believe in subjective truth. To me, some days I treat sleep as if it is sacred, other days I am too exhausted to care much. It’s importance rests with me (sorry for the pun).

    Kelsey Bulkin is wonderful, as is Devon Gundry, whom I will post about soon.

    Thank you for the documentary suggestion. I do love documentaries 🙂 and it seems we have that in common as well. You might enjoy the film Oh My God, by Peter Rogers in 2009. I’ve written about it here:

  5. I’m fascinated by dreams, I used to have dream books when I was younger and used to look up their meanings – think I’ve still got some books somewhere, it’s amazing how much we take in during the day and it reappears in our sleep in some jumbled-up format that often doesn’t make sense.
    I don’t seem to dream like I used to, infact I have night terrors occasionally which can be quite disturbing (not nightmares – night terrors leave you temporarily paralysed, you are awake but your body is still asleep, very scarey). I’d give anything for a full night’s sleep, never mind a decent dream…!

  6. Inspiring One… I am so sorry to hear of your affliction. I just did a quick search on Night Terrors . That’s just terrible. Have you found anything that helps you sleep or what to avoid to keep from triggering it.
    Crossing my fingers that get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  7. Don’t worry, they are few and far between but I’ve had them since my late teens and only in the last few years have realised what they were. I have now learned how to control them and the thing that triggers them is sleeping on my back, I make a conscious effort NOT to sleep on my back (as much as I can be conscious when I’m asleep..!). It’s the most bizarre feeling to know you are awake but your body isn’t responding, you can’t move or speak and usually quite frightening things are going on around you which you have no control over, until you ‘wake up’.
    Think you’ve inspired me to write a fresh blog on the subject…thanks.

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