I’ve mentioned a time or two that I play with some friends in a band. Collectively we’re ok I guess. We have our moments when we shine but we’re definitely greater than the sum of our parts.

Tonight we’re opening for a folk singer who has been playing for about 50 years and plays parodies and somewhat silly songs.

That is SOOO not us.  We play a sort of melding of pop, rock, folk, blues although we do it all on acoustic instruments.  It always surprises me though how much it takes in the way of electronics, mixers and amps for us to play a show. Go figure.

I’m a little worried about how we will be received by what will be a much older crowd than we’re used to playing, but I am really looking forward to playing the venue.  It’s the first time in the four years we’ve been together as a band that we’ve played a listening room. Everyone will be very quiet as we play instead of yelling at a sports game on tv, laughing at the non-funny guy next to her, exclaiming at the just missed shot at the pool table or yelling about needing another beer.

So besides being the singer and rhythm guitarist, I also write all the songs.  A couple of our songs are co-writes with my violin player’s husband but besides the two he and I did, it’s all me.

The thing is I haven’t written anything in about a year and before that it was probably another year that saw me write anything worth presenting to the band.

Well, so arrives the second month of the year and February Album Writing Month to help jump start my songwriting again.  The challenge is to write 14 songs in 28 days. Unfortunately my Muse is indisposed… probably working double shifts since there are about 5500 people participating in FAWM this year. I’ve written only three new songs so far so I’m really suckin’ at this.

I have three others in the works but not sure if I’ll get those done before the 28th.  Unfortunately they are quite different from what my band is used to playing so I’m not sure any of what I’ve got so far will work for us to use as new material.

Well, here’s my third song. Hope you like it.


5 responses to “FAWM, FAWM, FAWM, FAWWWWM

  1. Aw. Thanks Erin. I let Emmie listen to it and she liked it up to the point it mentioned cigarettes. She completely shut out any thought of listening to it any further.

    Have I ever mentioned she hates smoking? 🙂 I think that’s taking it a bit far though.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this before. I was so excited to click “play” and listen to your masterpiece. And….. ….. I really like it. It’s chill and lonely and reflective and then suddenly not lonely anymore.

    It is the kind of song you would listen to on a quiet Sunday afternoon in a dim room smoking cigarettes and sipping whiskey with a couple of friends (the music video should be in black and white, lol) . For the record, when you first mentioned cigarettes and whiskey is when I really started paying attention.

    Also, you didn’t mention the name of the song. I hope it’s Cigarettes and Whiskey. Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

  3. [blush] :mrgreen:
    awww. Thanks Kim.

    You know what’s kinda funny about this song is I don’t smoke… never have and I hate whiskey. Now give me a charcoal filtered, cask conditioned Kentucky bourbon and you’ll have my attention all night! : )

    Hey so how about you! How’s the piano playing coming. I remember your post that mentioned your fella bought you a keyboard and another post on your 40 before 40 where you said you’d post a video of you playing.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing that.
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Hug, muah!

    p.s. i’ve got another audio file I can post. It’s kind of a funny, cute little song about a different perspective on math.

  4. Truthfully, I haven’t really been playing. :\

    I am so disillusioned about how NOT good I am anymore that it is hard to sit there for any length of time to practice. I know that is exactly what I need, more practice. It definitely is not like picking up a bike and going for a ride around the block.

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