another stab at gardening

Well The Deistette and I are making another go of gardening. We tried last year and everything started off ok, but we had some terrible rain for a few days about a month or so into our attempt and after that our little garden took a nose dive. I mean bad. Everything died except our watermelon. And even then, we only harvested two little watermelons (they were supposed to be the small, personal size ones) so i calculated that each one of those watermelon cost us about 47 bucks.

Despite this, we’re going at it again…

with a little more knowledge and a little more hard core.

Does that sound funny… hard core gardeners.

Anyway, what makes us hard core this year is that we’re using worms.
Yep, we spent about 30 of our hard earned bucks on a pound of worms. And they showed up a few days ago. I immediately began making their new homes. I poked a few holes in giant plastic tub, shredded up some newspaper, added some left over dirt from a garden bed we made threw those puppies in there and tah dahhhh!…

Worm bin.

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We started throwing fruits, veggies, napkins and other compostable stuff in the bin about 10 days ago and I think about four or five days ago we threw in some cantaloupe. Today when I built the worm bin and was transferring the compost stuff from one bin to the one prepped for the worms I found some little seedlings.

Unbelievable. I mean we really tried so hard last year to grow stuff and to think just throwing a bunch of scraps into a covered bin is how you’re supposed to do it. I plucked about five seedlings out and transferred them into a pot. Well not exactly a pot. For my usual readers you’ll remember I’ve been doing a little home improvement. Well… nothing is going to waste around here!

happy cantaloupe seedlings

Those are little cantaloupe seedlings I found in the compost bin. Cool, huh.

2 responses to “another stab at gardening

  1. Happy gardening, Jules!
    I find gardening to be one of those things where the journey is almost as much fun as the destination. Okay, harvesting is pretty cool, but, being deskbound most of the time, I like being out among leafy things and watching their progress. Especially of our tomatoes. As far as chores go, watering is among the best.

  2. Thanks Ombud. That’s a really good way of putting it… “the journey is almost as much fun as the destination.”

    I wish I could say my journey is going well. The cantaloupe seedlings did well up until a couple of weeks ago and now they look rather pitiful. Same thing with the zucchini and squash.

    I am glad to report the tomatoes are killing right now though! Unfortunately I’m not sure how much better they’ll do as I have three really strong, growing plants that I’m afraid are going to crowd themselves in the pot I have them in.

    Hope all is well with you.

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