A bit of dead air

This is the longest break in posting I think I’ve ever had in the four years I’ve maintained this blog.

It’s been a hair more than two months since my last post and it isn’t for a lack of anything to say.

I’ve had some things I could have written about: my continued work and fixes on my house which I’m learning to do as I go along… learned mostly because of the awesome people on YouTube who post how-to vids, the feeling of loss after having sold my little 16-acre piece of land that I paid on for nearly 10 years, what it was like having my ex-wife’s 16 year old daughter come to the house unexpectedly (seeing my stepdaughter was wonderful by the way), the hard transition to only one car in a city that is designed in such a way that citizens really need a car. Or like how last week, my continued Wednesday date night with my daughter has now crossed a threshold and I have only 51 of these left until she turns 18 and is no longer obligated to spend them with me.

Those are some of the biggies.

There were a bunch of little things that I could have written or shown you pictures of that involve just random, mundane, every day things.

But I haven’t.
I’ve been tired.

Seems like everyone needs a piece of me and it’s sapping my energy to near zero by the end of the day. My physical, mental, spiritual energy seems to be running on fumes and it sucks.

The other thing though is I havent’ really been inspired to write about what’s been happening with me.  I wonder if blogging, not just for me, but for the blogosphere as a whole is waning.   Maybe it’s simply taking on a new shape.  Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and a few other sites have different way of blogging and I imagine have pulled some away from Blogger, WP and Typepad.

I don’t know.

I’m here though. Not dead.  Still alive and kicking.

3 responses to “A bit of dead air

  1. I’ve definitely scaled back my frequency of posts. Not inspired to write, no time, no energy. I will write more in summer, I think. I’m about to finish my third year blogging. I like having a space to say something and a few people following along…
    My other half is having a time with his 18 year old – he rarely sees her now and it’s hitting him hard.
    Hope all is well down there.

  2. I can always count on you to come by and comment. Thanks Erin. You’re awesome. When I first started my blog I had this idea that it would essentially be a chronicle of what was happening in my life and my perspective of things that my daughter may have seen as well.

    But then I had a small handful of steady readers and then a neat community. I became a stats hound constantly coming back looking at how many readers had popped by.

    Perhaps I need to get back to the idea I had at first.

    Sorry to hear your other half is going through with some withdrawal in not seeing his girl. I’m afraid the same thing will happen to me. Stay tuned for that post in a year or so. I occasionally throw out my best rendition of the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when his daughter tells him she could help the family business by taking a couple of business classes.

    His response… “WHY YOU WANNA LEEEEEAAAVVVE MEEEE?!!!???”
    She laughs now but it’s gonna be for real in a year. 😦

  3. Cheer up Julian and try not to look too far into the future. I’ve had similar concerns with my sons who are now 21 and 23. Some years ago their dad emigrated to Australia and I thought I’d lose them for good once they went out to visit. I had a hard time dealing with things but at the end of the day it is all part of them growing up and also for me, learning to let go of the apron strings. As it turned out they are both still here with me, one visits his dad when he can, the other isn’t that interested, he’s more interested in what most 23 year old men are into i.e. women, beer, football….
    I also learned that as we all grew, the dynamics of our relationship constantly changed, I started to like my freedom and to enjoy being an individual again as opposed to ‘mum’. It’s funny how things change, these days I’d give anything for them to have a place of their own, their comings and goings drive me mad, not to mention their bedrooms which look like we’ve been burgled on a daily basis – I keep saying I want an island of my own, living with three men is no joke!

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