today begins year number 5

Yesterday was my blog’s birthday. It’s been four years since my first post but wow, it feels like it’s been a lot longer.  Seems like it’s been WAY longer.

Saying that reminds me of this clip from the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk”.  Anyone here remember this scene. I tried to get it to start at the 39 second mark but the code didn’t take.

Anyway, I think my first year blogging was the best. It was my funnest. My first year I “met” some really great people.  A handful of them became what I would consider, dare I say, friends. Many of those bloggers who found me when I first started blogging have  gone on to other things though.

I miss Amuirin and Bibliomom.

Todaybegins year number five.

2 responses to “today begins year number 5

  1. Congrats on year five! My first year of blogging may have been the most fun too, but I couldn’t keep up that pace. I met a bunch of very cool people. Some of them are still around and one, I may see this summer. Wicked fun.

    That is one of the most quoted movies in my family. Classic.

    Hope all is well. We are finally on school vacation – I may just post one of these days.

  2. Happy belated bloggiversary, Jules! I’m only sporadic these days, but wow, in July, it’s 4 for me too! I am determined to have fun again, although I agree, it was most exciting the first year; maybe 2. Blogging and bloggers have changed as well. Yes, others have gone on…but I’m not through bothering you yet! 🙂

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