coppin’ a feel in old age

A few days ago after my wife woke up I said to her, “i think my body produces some sort of viagra-like substance from about 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning. See?”

“Oh my God! Put that thing away. We have to get up.”

“But I am.” mrgreen

“Annnnd… get ready for work and put the boy on the bus.”

I chase my wife around the house quite often. Occasionally I catch her. So despite being in my mid-40s, I am so not in the target market for the commercials for cialis that state, “so you can be ready.” or something to that effect.

I suspect it will happen eventually. Who knows.

Sex aside… I hope that The Deistette and I are like these two folks here in 20 years. I cried with laughter at watching this vid but analyzing it and their behavior a little deeper than the surface shows a couple that is so comfortable with each other it incites hope for long-term marriage.

It does in me anyway… as well as hope for continued peeks at boobies.
Burp! excuse me.

8 responses to “coppin’ a feel in old age

  1. I laughed at your descriptions, however, i can fully appreciate where you’re coming from… morning wood happens… (it’s also the name of my blog..lmao)… i had a friend who told me to read your blog…i’m gonna be reading a lot more to laugh and smile about…


  2. You crack me up. Other half will be 51 in a few months. Thank goodness no problems there, haha.

  3. JULES!!! 🙂 Just saw your comment (left a reply) and had to come over and see how you are! It HAS been a long time! Look at you – MARRIED 🙂 I’m just thrilled for you! (and, from the looks of this post, so is your wife! LOL) CONGRATS!! My (ex)husband and I reconciled about 18 months ago, I’m a grandmother now (the baby will be 3 in February) and I’m still blogging along. SO SO happy to see you today! Thanks for checking in 🙂

  4. Janece!!!! Janece, Janece, JANECCCCCE!!!
    Yes, I am married. About two and a half years now. And the boy mentioned in the post is my stepson. What makes this post a little more impressive is that I would be considered by some a cradle robber as she is only 30 years old to my fworthysumthfwor (ahem… something in my throat) and so she runs faster than me. : )
    A grandmother AND wife. So happy for you, too.
    And so glad you stopped by.

    The T. Hey man, thanks for stopping by my place. I have been remiss in welcoming you here.

    And Erin… if I remember right you’re about my age which means you’ve got some quicker legs than your Other Half. Don’t tire him out too bad. : )

  5. LOL I married younger, too, my man. His 32 to my 40 (which is now 14 years ago. YIKES!!) Congrats on the stepson, too!!

  6. Hey Jules. We’re all busy, stressed people, and it’s really impossible to think anyone would be able to do NaNoWriMo this year. Naa… it’s just too much, and too short of notice, and everything, so…

    Wanna do it anyway? I’m rarin’ to go. 😉 -lissa

  7. Do I wanna do it?
    Ummm yeah.
    Of course I’ll do it with you.
    NaNo that is. :mrgreen:

  8. 😀 😀 😀 Yay!

    I loved your Halloween Costumes, by the by.

    I’m still amuirin on the site.

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