Captain Monster and the Ghost

Halloween. We here at ol’ Casa Deist don’t really go crazy or even really plan too far in advance our costumes or anything for Halloween. And it seems like we always are scrambling to try and do something and wind up regretting not making a better effort towards being prepared for this.

I mean I found my costume  (basically a felt hat with weird little eyes and a godzilla-esque mane on top) just a couple of days ago.

And I gotta be real honest… I LOVE IT!!!!  As for the Little Man, it was the same thing. In fact, we thought he would just go with something from the past but at the last minute he found something else he really wanted and the Deistette and I relented and let him take his costume up a notch on the scary level from previous years.

Before he had been a chef and I think a ninja turtle or something rather benign.  What he picked for this year was a sort of ghost type of mask.  But that’s it. Nothing else, just the mask.  So like I said, not having really planned in advance I wound up racing home from work stopping off at a fabric store to get some white cloth so he wouldn’t have to step out simply wearing a white button up shirt and white pants.

While there I found the perfect addition to my already perfect mask. Perfectly matching felt fabric I could turn into a cape.

Shwinnng! Score!

The Little Man and I posed for a few pics before heading out into the wilds of our neighborhood on the hunt for sweet, tasty loot.

Happy Halloween y’all!!!


One response to “Captain Monster and the Ghost

  1. I love this – fab costumes and I hope you both had fun!!

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