2011 milestones at Casa Deist

the cake was still rather warm.So yesterday was my birthday. (Jan 23 for overseas friends who are already on the 25th) My lovely wife, The Deistette baked a pretty tasty (although not professionally decorated if you ask me) cake. My mother in-law gave me a five dollar gift certificate to a wonderful frozen yogurt place. I got a long hug from the Little Man in the morning when he woke up. All were simple and genuine. My birthday was perfect.

It’s sort of a milestone I guess… 45.

You ever been on a running trail where little mile markers have been placed along the route. There are of course the 1, 2 and 3 mile markers but usually there are 1/2 mile markers.

That’s what 45 is. So there’s that.

Other milestones:
I meant to post this a while back but another milestone achieved was our Little Man (for new readers that’s my stepson) was able to conquer his fear of the water as well as figure out how to propel himself in the water during the summer of 2011. So that was pretty cool. In my book, that’s a pretty big milestone. What was even more cool is I was able to grab a short clip of him doing it for the first time — this of course was done without realizing you’re not supposed to take pictures or video in the pool at the local YMCA.

I'm pretty crappy at taking stealth picturesAnother big milestone was Little Fawn (my 17 yr old daughter’s nickname) got her driver’s license in October of 2011. Pretty big deal. Huge. It represents freedom, responsibility, mobility and a new stage in her life. She turns 18 in May, graduates in June and most likely will be going away to college about two hours away. My every other weekend and every Wednesday visits will cease and I am quite sad about that.

Although, not really a milestone as much as a HUGE change in dynamic at Casa Deist is that my other stepson (i refer to him on here as Tank) has come to live with us. It was a weird custody arrangement i thought, but the reasons The Deistette and her ex husband decided to split the boys at the time of their divorce were logical and valid. Things have changed and perhaps I’ll get into that in my next post as to why or how this happened but Tank is with us and our home is kinda like a frat house now only without all the girls or kegs of beer. Never a dull moment.

my cat likes to lick my beer bottleAnd so with more than half my life behind me, I find myself with two young boys in my charge, a wife who loves me, a daughter who is embarking on her journey and some lovely pets. Could be better. I mean I could have a nicer house, better job, more money, better knees. : )

but life ain’t too bad right now. Not bad at all.

5 responses to “2011 milestones at Casa Deist

  1. Happy Birthday! All the milestones, big and small, are worth celebrating.

  2. So good to hear that life is treating you well. Boy, I remember it wasn’t too long ago when it was just you and Little Fawn. How life changes. Oh, and happy birthday, fellow Aquarian. 🙂

  3. Thanks Erin for the birthday wishes. I trust you sense the days are getting longer and the morning puppy walks will be more frequent.

    LB… so glad to see you here. I’d forgotten we are fellow Aquarians. I was racking my brain to try and remember but had to search your site really and I was right… i thought yours was in February.
    It does seem like it wasn’t too long ago it was just me and Little Fawn right? But you know what… in March, Emmie and I will have been married three years. Three years!!! Can you believe it!
    muah! hug.

  4. Glad to hear things are going well, Jules. How is Tank fitting in, now that he’s been around for a bit?

  5. Ombud! Wow, has two weeks slipped by since you posted this comment. Ugh, I’ve have turned into absolutely THE worst blog buddy ever.

    So Tank is adjusting well. He’s gone from being in a home where chaos ruled to a home where chaos is controlled (at least for the most part). He’s learning (sort of) the rules and is turning into his old self again. When I first met him he was a happy go-lucky little kid. But after his dad remarried (and Emmie moved here without him) he became angry and it stuck. But he’s coming around again. He laughs a lot and instead of ignoring me most of the time, he is usually the first to say, “hi julian” when i get home from work.

    Things are pretty good.

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