it’s on the verge of flat lining

Last week The Deistette and I were winding down from the day and she came to my blog and said, “I think it’s dead.”
I’m starting to concede that idea.

I mean I’ve only put up two posts in five months not including this one.

I think part of the trouble I have is a lack of time but also this blog is more of a personal blog, vice being about a cause or product. I think the title insinuates religion and/or politics but I don’t really have the desire to enter the UU blogging community again… it’s become too… I don’t know. Too… silly. There is a contingency who have taken the Red Pill and I have other things I need to tend to right now rather than argue an unarguable debate.  And politics is more of a hobby which is basically me yelling at the AM radio hate-mongers of right-wing talk shows.

                                                    (part of why I have little time. I’m taking baby steps replacing all the siding on my house.)

And although this is pretty much a personal blog, I don’t really like the idea of posting stuff about my daughter, stepsons or wife. I have now and again posted about them and offered a picture here and there but it’s been few and far between. So not wanting to post things about the people who are most involved with my personal life, kinda turns the ol’ blog a little stagnant.

                                        a pic of the wife waaayyyy off in the distance watering some of our veggies in the elevated bed I built.

Not sure what I’m afraid of in that regard. I mean, I’m not a celebrity. I don’t have any stalkers. Hell, I barely have any active readers of this blog any longer. Amazing what happens when you stop writing how far the stat numbers go done huh.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I guess I could have kept my numbers up by writing about the super cool garden we have going on.)

Near the end of June, I’ll be at the five-year mark of this blog. To be honest, it feels like I’ve been at this so much longer. It feels like a lifetime since I first started writing down my thoughts and “met” some of my favorite people in the blogosphere. They’re not around much anymore and I miss them.

I bring up the time frame because five years is kind of a marker of sorts I guess and I’ve been thinking of starting over and letting go of this one. I don’t know.  If I do (which I’m really leaning to) I’ll be pulling away from and doing the self-hosted thing. I’m still looking into it. The thing is, blogging here on WP doesn’t feel the same as it did four or five years ago but it has been so important to me that I don’t want to just abandon it.

I guess we’ll see.
For now, know I’m still alive and kicking despite having posted anything in a while.

6 responses to “it’s on the verge of flat lining

  1. I hope you do keep it going. It does not matter that you post infrequently. If you go to self hosting let me know the address.

  2. Hello Julian,
    Certainly I would suggest not closing this account. It serves as an historic capsule for you at this time in your life. And too, many would enjoy going back and reviewing your thought provoking entries, which is a good thing.

    Maybe just a link to your new blog location, as if finishing one journal book and moving on to the next. Even if your entries are few, it’s nice to know you’re present and reachable.

    One Deist Φ

  3. I totally totally get this. I toy with hanging it up myself. I mean, even my moniker “LazyBuddhist” doesn’t fit anymore what with meditating daily and trying to get in at least three retreats a year. I would even dare say I’m rather energetic about the whole Buddhist thing.

    I do miss the little circles of bloggers we had. But where are they now? While I haven’t checked recently, I think Trucie disappeared off the face of the earth. Sometimes I catch Amurin on Twitter, but I think her blog up and died a while ago. Ombuds drops by blog every now and again, but I don’t think he’s posted anything lately.

    Yet . . . yet. . . I do like having a place where I consider myself a Writer with a capital W. It’s like if I kill of my blog, I kill off those aspirations. I like knowing that most of the people who care, actually subscribe, so when I do deign to write something, they’ll get it in their email box. Besides, if I killed my blog, where would they go when they Google “I feel like shit”? Yes, it’s quite the distinction having one of the top I Feel LIke Shit blogs in the blogosphere. Actually, I Feel Like Shit may make a dandy epitaph on my grave.

    I get it if you decide to close up this shop. Just make sure you let me know where you open up a new shop. Meanwhile, you’ll still find me Stumbling Along the Path. 🙂

  4. Rick, thanks for stopping by and the encouragement. I will certainly let you (and anyone else following this blog) know the address.

    O.D. !!! Ha! thanks for the comment. Do you know it’s about two years since we last touched base. That is too long to be out of touch with a fellow Deist. : ) Well, I don’t plan to pull the content down because it is a sort of time capsule. I just may not post here anymore. Besides, one of the posts that gets the most searches and hits is “baby Texas brown snake”. I can’t help but think maybe my post is helping some junior high kid with a report and he or she is using my picture.

    LB: How i have loved following your blog. It was really intriguing when we were all consistently writing how we could see the progression of each others lives. You’re right about having a place where you feel like a capital W writer, too. I look back every November to that first attempt at NaNoWriMo and think it’s actually a pretty neat story and someday hope to finish it up. Like you, I’m kinda relegated to 140 characters of info from the likes of Amuirin and Ybonesy who are way more clever at crafting a good tweet than i am.

    To those who clicked the like and follow buttons. Thank you so much. I was amazed at the reception I received from this post from newcomers to this site.

    I have a few more posts left in me and hope to get them out before I jump ship and into another vessel.

  5. I’m with you very much on this, both you and LB. But I’m reaching a little bit of a different conclusion. I don’t write or check in as often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy catching up when I’m there.

    If I were paying a monthly subscription fee, sure I’d consider canceling. But this is free! So I don’t check in as often as I used to, but I still enjoy catching up when I do. I just stopped by Anhinga’s place and read about her hassles with her neighbors. Totally sympathised while enjoying her post. (Not schadenfreude!) I’m glad she took the time, after months off. Just like I’ll always be glad to read your stuff, when something stirs you, even when months have gone by. After all, we UU people aren’t absolutist, seeking extremes, are we? We’re measured people, in the game for the long run, not sprinters, but going the distance. 🙂

  6. Ombud… ha ha ha. Yes, very well put. “we UU people aren’t absolutist… We’re measured people, in the game for the long run, not sprinters, but going the distance.”
    It’s funny you say that because there were times two or three years ago I would wonder if our group of friends and friends-of-friends would still be tapping away on WordPress and hitting the publish button. You know, sending out little dispatches into the blogosphere of what was happening in our lives. And it didn’t seem odd to think we’d all be there going the distance.

    But to pull from something LB will certainly agree with… “all is impermanent.” or a Jewish parable “this too shall pass.”

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