One dad’s examples for the definition of “shortage”

So yesterday my older stepson (he’s in third grade) asked me a question about his homework. He’d never seen a dictionary entry and was having trouble making sense of how to read it since he’s used to reading sentences. The word was ‘shortage’. I broke up the definition making sure he understood the words in the definition and filled in where the choppy method of definition might not make sense in his head.

I then began to give examples. “Let’s say we have a rat problem. We need 5 bags of poison to kill all the rats but we only have 2 bags. What does that mean?”

“we don’t have enough?”

“Right! We don’t have enough… and THAT is a shortage. Here’s another one. You boys are driving me crazy. I should have at least three beers in my belly so I don’t beat myself over the head with a hammer because you two are driving me so crazy. We have no beer in the fridge. There is a SHORTAGE! Do you get ‘shortage’ now?”

He blinked and went upstairs.

coincidentally after writing this post this morning, I had a friend send me a link to a series of images called “World’s Best Father” by Dave Engledow. I hope he doesn’t mind, but I thought this would make a great addition to my post. : )

you can find more images from Dave Engledow’s series “World’s Best Father” here.

One response to “One dad’s examples for the definition of “shortage”

  1. that kid likes it 😀 i like the picture

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