If I can’t fix it… it is broken

For the past two or three years, I’ve been working on fixing, repairing and maintaining my house after a long, long time of letting it go. I could make excuses and give a handful of decent reasons as to why I let my house fall into such disrepair that it probably would have been condemned by the county. I didn’t have time or more so, money. I didn’t know how to make the repairs. I was worried I might ruin something if I tried to fix it and then incur a really big repair bill to have someone with real know-how fix my fix. Or I was busy with church obligations.

The fact of the matter is those are all bullshit excuses from a guy who was depressed and self destructing because his wife left him. I sometimes wonder if I subconciously wanted my house to fall in on me after my ex-wife left.

Who knows… what i do know is that with the help of the internet (thank you YouTubers who post DIY vids!), the spurring of my wife The Deistette, a little help from some church friends (financially and physically) and some self determination I’ve managed to turn the ship on this house. It’s by no means finished or even close but at least things are pointed in the right direction.

One project where I learned a lot was in renovating my kitchen. Ok, renovate is the wrong word… that gives the idea this was for aesthetic reasons.  No, it wasn’t because I or my wife simply wanted to make it look pretty. It was because we had mold, lots of mold growing in the cabinet underneath the sink. With the help of my younger brother I gutted my kitchen down to the studs. I came up with a way to contain the mold spores and did a pretty damn fine job of it, I don’t mind telling you.  I learned basic plumbing and moved the sink from a corner location to a spot The Deistette thought would be better.

In other projects, I’ve taken out drywall… so much at one time that I exposed my house in such a way that I could see outside and across the street from inside my house. I’ve remodeled my bathroom. I’ve replaced toilets and fixed plumbing in my bathroom. I’ve repaired parts of my roof, disassembled  a bathtub single faucet and put it back together. I have torn off old siding, disposed of old asbestos type insulation and replaced with new thicker insulation.  I have replaced windows and in doing so reframed my house to fit a different sized double paned window.

I don’t list all these things I’ve done to brag (ok, maybe a little to brag) but to show what can be done with a little self determination AND help from some friends. You see, I know I didn’t do all those repairs on my own. I had some help. I had help from family, church friends and some amazing people on the internet.

As I continue to learn and gain experience, I hope some day I can say “if I can’t fix it; it is broken.” I’m not sure I’ll ever get to that skill level but I sure do like trying now. I really like fixing things on my house. Maybe being a handyman will be a second career for me someday. I’ve currently got about 1500 dollars worth of work I’ll earn from my neighbor over the next few months. For now, I’ll be hunting the interwebs for the answer if I don’t know how to fix something. Who knows… maybe someday I’ll actually start that handyman business.

I have found myself firmly in the Libertarian camp but not the one the Tea Party assholes preach or the Ayn Rand followers like Paul Ryan espouse or the textbook, theoretical view of Ron Paul. Despite being Libertarian-esque, I like this vid the Dems put out and believe whole heartedly in its message.

2 responses to “If I can’t fix it… it is broken

  1. Cool for you, Jules! now what are the odds we can lure you out here and hire you to tackle our home repair list? *smile*

  2. Ha! If you promise to brew a batch of brown ale I might be able to persuaded. :mrgreen: If I get out your way I’ll let you know. The only thing is, will the TSA let me carry on a hammer, skill saw and variable speed drill.

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