one little microcosm vs the zombie apocalypse

So today is my birthday. No, not my blog birthday but my birthday, birthday. You know, the anniversary of the day my gooey, sticky body fell outta my mom’s belly and it breathed in air for the first time.

Gah… that’s not a fun description of a baby being born. :mrgreen:

DPS_officeSo one of the things that comes along with a birthday is a LONNNNG wait at the Department of Public Safety (where we Texans go to renew our driver license) also known in some parts as the Dept of Motor Vehicles.

It’s a fascinating place really. I mean like my title reads, it really is a microcosm of the city. There was just about every walk of life in that small building… black, white, brown, yellow, fat, short, tall, beautiful, not-so beautiful, single, married. I mean you name the demographic and it was mostly likely represented by at least one person. Really!… I mean there was someone in a wheelchair and even someone who was blind.


I’m going to assume the blind person was there along for the ride and was not attempting to get a license.

And as my imagination will most often times do in a situation like this I began to wonder what would happen if some calamity broke out. I mean like really bad… you know like battle of Armageddon bad. Zombie Apocolypse bad. The Deistette says I have a problem. At least one morning out of the week she’ll say, “so did you dream about a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where you were one of the last people on earth again.”

She knows me so well.

So back to the microcosm. If worldwide plague wiped us all out and we were a lone pocket of humanity that had been spared these would be the people with whom I would ride the storm out.

Would we make it? Who would emerge as a leader. Would we pair off and attempt to repopulate? Would I be able to fight them off when they tried to eat me after we ran out of food?

*Deist pauses for a bit*

Wow… I really need to get out more.

3 responses to “one little microcosm vs the zombie apocalypse

  1. Damn, well that makes standing in line forever FAR more interesting. I think I’ll take up your hobby…

  2. I just read a few of your posts and realized that I miss you guys! …and regret not getting to know your little guys better. I’m sorry I’ve missed your birthday….for the last…..several…..years……

  3. YaMule!!! 😀
    How ever did you find my little corner of the blogosphere?!?

    No worries about missing my birthday. I’m not a big birthday type of person anyway.

    I miss you, too!
    Haven’t seen you in WAY too long! Miss you bunchies.
    When are you gonna play a song with us again? : )

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