Weekly Photo Challenge: Street life


So here’s my first submission for WPs weekly photo challenge. Does this one count? I mean, because it was taken a long time ago but coincidentally this week’s challenge is the type of photography I did a lot of: Street Photography

I honestly can’t remember when I took this photo. I think it was in 1998.  I do remember however that it was part of a series of images I planned to pitch for exhibit, called The Citizens.  Each image in the series was almost exactly the same except for slight variations in the angle of the building and the person or persons walking in front of it.

YmatI sat behind a couple of newspaper stands (now you KNOW it was old) and a lamp post with my twin lens reflex YashicaMat 124G. I looked down into the viewfinder and no one seemed to even notice I was there. Not a single person ever looked in my direction so all the people… all these Citizens looked so natural just going about their daily business.  I had pictures of a cop, a guy on a bike, business men, women coming back from shopping, etc.

So here you have it. My first submission. I hope to keep this going. I haven’t taken pictures in a really long time save ones that I’ve taken with my phone that I included in recent posts. So maybe we’ll see a few more of these.

To see more photography posts about street life go to the Daily Post @ WordPress.


8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street life

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  2. CrazyGuyinThailand


  3. Love the photos. I think a lot of the time, when we’re out on the streets walking or running, we don’t think about people watching us. We just go about what we’re doing. So maybe that’s why no one looked your way. And congrats on being comment 1,000 🙂

    • Hi Mabel… thanks for the comment on my post.

      I think you’re right about how we go about our day. We just do our thing not really thinking about someone pointing a camera in our direction… especially with everyone having camera phones now it seems we’ve become immune.

      Strange huh.

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