Weekly photo challenge: threshold

So I’m three days late on posting this. I actually took this photo last week well before the weekly photo challenge deadline but such is my life… a day late and a dollar short.

Well, in this case… three days late.

Below is what would have been my submission for “Threshold”. For the sake of following the rules I didn’t link this to The Daily Post but wanted to at least show what I was going to submit.

This was taken at Minute Maid Park where the Houston Astros play their home games. It was the 7th game of 2014, practically the beginning, a metaphor of hope… on the “threshold” of the new season.

Go ‘Stros!!!

threshold of a new season

threshold of a new season


One response to “Weekly photo challenge: threshold

  1. The Astros are an improving team. Some good young hitters. A couple decent arms, but to contend what they need is a couple dominant pitchers.

    Nice picture, man. *smile*

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