This is a song i wrote in the fall of 2005 but just recently recorded with a band I play in. I’ve always thought about what a video for this song would look like but yesterday (5-8-08 ) my blog peep, Shelby Meyerhoff, kinda spurred me to make it happen.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. A search yielded a clip on YouTube from a 2005 movie called “Sins” by writer/director Vinod Pande. I’m quite surprised at how closely this clip works with the song… specifically in the scenes after the guy walks down the stair case.

© julian, 2005

You tempt me
Exquisite figure
outlined by the moon light
You walk
across the floor of your room
The curtains close
I wonder what you’re going to do

Something calls to me.
From my core
I am drawn to you.

I feel I should look away.
But desire keeps me
chained to my view
So here I sit
watching patiently.
Wondering how
your alabaster skin might feel

I quiver at
the thought there could be more
But more would only
drive me mad

Like blood to a lion
Or mother’s milk to a babe
They want more.
Thirst for more. They crave!
I want more I thirst for more
I crave!

To feed this crave
I don’t think I should do
To feed this crave
Might be the hell of addiction
Or it could be heaven

5 responses to “crave

  1. Is this what you mean??? I’m not good at finding stuff. Ask my car keys.

  2. yep, this is it.

  3. It’s a very cool song, Jules and a really hot video

  4. Wow! Way to go. You’re right, the song and the video match up perfectly! Did you edit the video?

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