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a thousand words

I’ve gotten on my movie short kick again and found a movie I absolutely love.
It’s very well shot and watching it in HD is really nice.

I also thought it was rather appropriate to post about this short since so many bloggers are writing about hope in the wake of the inauguration. I thought this was a pretty good example of hope as well as trust… hope in what could possible be. Trust that your message will be carried out once you put it out there.

It’s amazing what some directors and writers can achieve in just a few minutes and with no words being spoken at all.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Directed by Ted Chung. Ted Chung is a director and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

Photos – a magnolia blossom

One of my blog peeps, Jo over at Florescence, wrote a poem titled “Magnolia”. Wonderful piece. You should go take a look at it.

In her comments I told her how it reminded of a time several years ago (when I was still shooting photographic art) I became obsessed with magnolia blossoms.

I’ve always liked them but for some reason back in 1999 or so I couldn’t get enough of them. I remember I tried taking pics in 1998 but none of them turned out. So for a year I waited for the spring to come back around and give some good blossoms to try and get.

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Photos – sunflowers

I’ve been meaning to keep posting these but as I looked at all the negs I found I kept thinking,

“meh, this one sucks”

“oh yeah, i remember taking these. yep, they suck, too.”

“Oooh… and this set of pics. hello… suuuuhhhh-ck.”

I heard or read someone say recently, “perfection is death. Perfection is death to art.”

So here are a couple that i never printed but always liked. Didn’t print ’em because they were so flat. Very weak to no contrast. Probably something in the development and not the exposure I’m thinking. I had to really tweak the heck out of ’em in photoshop to get them to turn out at all.

i remember taking pics of my ex-wife in this field. Not my daughter’s mommy but my second wife. She had on a sunflower dress and it was blowing with the wind just like the sunflowers in the field. Her hair was long and blonde and blew in her face. I hadn’t thought of that in some time.

For some reason I can’t find that roll of negs. Wish I could. Glad I found these though.

sunflower images ©2000 rjz

Photos – from the neighborhood bar

In a previous post, I talked about finding a bunch of my old negatives and said I’d post ’em now and again. Maybe I’ll try and make it an every Sunday thing. Or at least until I run out of negatives.

These two are from a roll that I took at a neighborhood bar. If I remember right, this roll was shot in 1997 or ’98. I had just started souping my own film Continue reading

itch… itch… itch… scraaaatch

i went rifling through a filing cabinet I never get into the other day and I came across a lot my old negatives. Wow!… i hadn’t thought of these things in so long.

In a past life… oh, about ten years ago, I was quite serious about creating photographic art. I participated in Fotofest in a group exhibit a few times, did a few solo exhibits, a three-artist exhibit. I even won best in show one year of images collected throughout the year from a photo society i belonged to… approximately 150 images. Continue reading