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Milestone marked at Chez Deist

Since The Deistette’s Little Man (her son for first time readers) moved in shortly after she did a couple of years ago I have felt an enormous amount of pressure in the role of Best Second Daddy Ever, a term he coined knowing that he has a Dad already (who unfortunately for himself lives in Amarillo about 11 hours away and can’t be here for moments like this) and The Little Man not really understanding what the term step-dad means. I’m not sure the title carries much weight since I’m the only second daddy he’s ever had.

Meh… I’ll take what I can get.

My very first act as best second daddy was a very short time after he arrived when I caught him from falling down the stairs from the very top. When he came to live with me he was about four and a half years old. For all intents and purposes… really just a baby still. I mean shit he was still wearing pull up, had to be helped to go to the bathroom, and all kinds of stuff that goes with being a very small, young person.

Since the day he came here he’s hit some pretty big milestones already: graduating to big boy skivvies, reaching beyond a chicken nugget in his diet Continue reading

a mad lib poem by The Deist

My blog peep Melon Girl, found this from another blogger and posted her results. This is quasi meme-ish and so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I read her poem a couple of days ago but wanted to wait so I could get her example out of my head and attempt something as fresh as possible. You know… cuz it seemed like i already had the answers to the questions.

I’m quite pleased with my results. I had to tweak the conjugation of the original poem by Rainer Maria Rilke for my words to fit but besides that I changed nothing from my first attempt. Seeing how it turned out the only thing i would change is “dancing” to “screaming” to continue the opposites or balanced theme from the previous lines.

Pretty cool… thanks Little Miss French Horn. Continue reading

half way through

so my blog hit the one year mark a couple of weeks ago and I posted a little Beatles birthday rendition in honor of that.

So with the blog hitting a milestone I thought I’d spruce things up here a little. Sorry LB… we’ll always be hand twins and like you said… now i can be your big brother. : )

At the beginning of the year i said had a little new year’s list I was hoping I could keep up with.

Well, the music thing has been going along ok. I get out at least once a month and play in public like I wanted to and have even finished a couple of songs I had noodling around in my head after joining a songwriter’s group in The Woodlands, Tx.

I’ve been riding my bike pretty regularly. I’ve really been enjoying getting on the bike the past couple of months. From the start of the year I’ve only put about 250 miles on the road though. That might explain why I haven’t lost any more weight like I said I wanted to do. So I lost about 10 pounds rather quickly but plateaued soon after hitting that mark. But getting on the bike has helped me in the last item on my list.

Walking my spiritual path hasn’t been exactly where I’d like it to be but at least I’ve been keeping the dust out of my little sacred space. Getting on my bike though gives me an hour to kinda get inside my head and think through stuff so that’s good. I step inside the Sacred Space at least enough to keep the plants in there from dying. I’ve been thinking for months I need to take some pics so I can show LB.

Wow, so we’re halfway through ’08. You know… I know what’s gonna happen. Once I get my crap together and turn into an enlightened, very svelte guitar playing god…. 2012 will come around and the whole world will end.

[Deist wonders to himself if 2012 is just hype]

a time for renewed hope


… baseball season has begun. The Astros started off the 2008 season in San Diego last week and our home opener is today.

Now I’m not one of those guys who is a sports freak. I mean, I don’t paint my face for game day, I don’t high-five strangers next to me at the bar after a good play. And i don’t normally clear my calendar every year as the season home opener approaches but one of my blogpeeps, Ombudsben has got me excited about this year’s baseball season. I shouldn’t give him all the credit, I mean I usually follow the hometown Astros off and on throughout te season and the Astros have been my team since I first picked up a baseball and played little league at the age of 7. But Ombud has got me feeling a little more charged up about baseball this year.

Not that he’s spouted off any stats, or given any inside info on trades, spring training spotlights or omniscient predictions of another Astros showing at the World Series. Nope, in fact, my west coast living friend Ombud, originally from Minnesota, is a Twins fan. But just mentioning the upcoming season in comments to posts has brought on memories of season’s past and renewed hope.

I’m sure a ton of ministers out there have given a sermon or two Continue reading

another equinox post – sunrise in Ireland

I found this really cool video at

It shows 50 minutes of sunrise at Cairn “T” one of several megalithic cairns which are dotted around the Slieve na Caillaigh hills at Loughcrew in Ireland.

[EDIT! I forgot to mention, the 50 minutes of sunrise has been compressed into 40 seconds.  ok, now have a peek.]

Is that too cool or what!

The earth finds balance

Happy Spring Equinox y’all!!!

Officially it was at 5:48am UTC so for us out here in Central Standard Time of the U.S., balance occurred at 11:48pm on the 19th.

Man!… I’m a day late and a dollar short. Story of my life.

a picture of our home.

quite beautiful isn’t she.


The long night is soon over

I’m not one who really finds neo-Paganism or earth centered traditions appealing. Those spiritual paths don’t really resonate much with me.

But a few years ago, i bought a James Avery Season’s ring for Little Fawn.
In the little box it came in I slipped a note that said:

Wear this ring and remember our ancestors
They followed the sun and the moon.

Continue reading

philosophy from the stoners next door

A couple of houses down I have a neighbor who is for lack of a better label a stoner. The guy next to him is a stoner. And they have a buddy who is over every day.

Every single day.

And every single day they sit in the driveway or (when it’s too cold) in the garage with door open and drink beer and smoke dope.

They wax existential Continue reading

The day after the party (part 2 of 3)

If you can’t tell what my avatar picture is, it’s the headstock of my guitar along with a Buddha statue in the background.

My viewpoint of God is rather blaring as its in the title of my blog but in guiding my life, the Noble Eightfold Path resonates with me.The pair, Deism and Buddhism works for me.Would I say I’m a Buddhist though? Hell I don’t even know if my view of God is really even that of a Deist. But on Buddhism, I liken it to something I heard from this old timer once when I asked him, “so you’re a golfer?”

He said, “i wouldn’t say I’m a golfer. I have a set of clubs. I have a bunch of golf balls, golf shoes, even golf pants and a hat. You can see me at a golf course pretty often. But what I do I don’t think can be called what a golfer does.” He laughed, I laughed and I understood exactly what he meant. Continue reading

The day after the party (part 1 of 3)

I didn’t do much for New Year’s Eve. My friend Tom used to call it… amateur hour. I didn’t feel like getting out into the fray with all the crazies this year… actually only two or three times have I done New Year’s Eve the way many people do with a huge party, loads of drinking and revelry.

I’ve never really been one to do or say resolutions for the new year either. But this year, I’m breaking with my usual and have very high hopes for a few changes.

About three months ago I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve never had a weight problem. Actually that’s a bit of a lie. When I was Continue reading