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just call me Rev.

So my dad, in his sarcastic way he says things, proclaims to a co-worker that I am a minister and that I had been asked by my brother to marry him and his fiance (now wife).

About 10 years ago I signed up online to become an ordained minister.  Crazy, huh. You know kinda like in that episode of Friends where Joey is going to officiate the wedding of Monica and Chandler because he was ordained online.

Anyway, so my co-worker Irma then says, “you’re a minister?
“so what are the requirements.”
“Not much.  You just kinda sign up.”
“That’s it?”
“Yep. It’s kinda like becoming a journalist. Just grab a pen and a notebook and boom… you’re  a journalist.”
“So they don’t do like a background check?”
“Well, no.”
“Man, that’s scary.”
“Well yeah, I mean… anyone could be a minister.  Anyone could just sign up like you know like a child molester or a rapist or you know someone… someone who isn’t right.”
“isn’t right.”
“yeah, you know like anyone who does bad things.”
“Hm. Yeah I guess so.  Kinda makes you wonder who ‘they’re” just letting go out be a minister.”

I’d hate to think that child molesters (several priests), guys who just aren’t right (David Koresh) and just anyone (Ted Haggard) could be a minister. That would be terrible.

Sen Obama’s speech… i’m sold

I just now had the chance to listen to his speech.

It’s quite moving…. eloquent…. and right on target.

I love his method of condemning the sin and not the sinner regarding his pastor.

If you haven’t seen it, give 30 minutes of your time and hear will undoubtedly be one that makes the history books.

to have and to hold from this day forward…

I heard something interesting on the radio today. Yesterday apparently is the day when more people find out about a coming divorce than any other day of the year.

The radio station had listeners call in and confirm what they thought… which was that couples wait to get through the holidays (for whatever that reason may be) and then lower the boom right as the new year begins.

One woman who called is a legal secretary at a one-attorney firm Continue reading