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Cloverfield: more than just a monster movie

Finally got a chance to see Cloverfield. And against Amuirin‘s advice to not take Little Fawn (my 13 year old daughter) I did anyway.

I told Little Fawn I didn’t think I should take her because I thought it might be too scary. She convinced me that she wouldn’t have nightmares and that she’s seen movies that are scary when she was “much younger.”

“ugh, daddeeee… [slight pause] I saw Sleepy Hallow when I was 11 daddy,” she said with indignation in her voice. (so much younger right. : )

“And I’ve seen all three of the Lord of the Rings movies and there’s all kinds of scary stuff in them [pause]

“… and i saw them with you!”

: | blink… blink…

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