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and the Dixie Chicks were ashamed to be from Texas?

Well, add The Deist to that list! I just found out that the legislature of my home state did one of the stupidest things in the history of things that state legislatures have done… EVER!

Apparently Texas high schools are now required to offer (as an elective) a class that teaches The Bible. How did I miss this?… it passed two years ago and it begins this school year.

What I am hoping will happen is this will be challenged, defeated and left in church where it belongs. Hello 1st Amendment!

Until then, I suspect what will happen is the students who take this class will fall into one of three categories:

  1. kids who have been taking Bible study in church and are hoping to score an easy A.
  2. objective, smart kids who hope the class will actually teach them something new and will ask about the inconsistencies and contradictions or
  3. stoner kids hoping they can score on the churchy kids.

I am hoping the person who teaches this class is either:

  1. an atheist who knows the Bible inside and out and will bury the kids looking for an easy A.
  2. a fundamentalist who gets stumped by the smart kids and made to look like a dumbass or
  3. the football coach who doesn’t teach a thing except why it’s called a hail Mary.

Ok, in all seriousness, if I could be convinced Continue reading

a hole in my sole

these have been good friends to me. I’ve walked (as you can see) quite a few miles in them.

I’ve been through the Texas Hill Country, the streets of downtown Chicago, southern California… a Dave Matthews concert or two, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a few county fairs, dozens of first dates (not many second ones) : )

But the end of an era has come and i’ve finally come to grips with the realization that all good things come to an end.

And so i bid farewell to my trusty Justin Ropers Continue reading

my god is better than most

i went to the website that fellow UU blogger Happy Cindy talked about in her recent post and took a couple of the quizes.

From the Battleground God quiz, I was decorated with the third highest award.

ANNNND… Continue reading

creationism, Huckabee and Maher

*A LITTLE HEADS UP* some strong language in this one.

First I’m gonna say, I like Mike Huckabee. I like that in his interviews and in the debates he presents himself with calm and equanimity. I don’t agree with almost anything he says or believes or policy he would wish to impose on our country, so for that I won’t vote for him but he’s a pretty likable guy.

Bill Maher on the other hand is a bitch and needs to get pimp slapped for the conceited, condescending method with which he presents himself. He needs to learn a little humility.

I came across this article coming from Wired Magazine that shows a composed Huckabee attempting to get his point across that he believes Continue reading