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a vivid memory made

I have three friends from church who play in a band with me. The whole thing is kinda surreal. I mean we started out thinking we’d just play a little music, if we got good enough maybe… MAYBE play for a church service now and again.

Three years later we’ve put out a CD, got it placed on iTunes!… gigged around a little and made some people happy with our music. And yes… now and again we play for our church during a Sunday service.

It’s pretty amazing when I think about that and all we’ve done with this band of ours.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we had gig… another outside gig.  Seems like the only place we play is outside.  It was a benefit for three girls whose families needed financial help after their daughters got into an ATV accident.  It was the furthest we’d ever traveled to play a show.  About 50 miles away from our homes.

Little Fawn (my 16 year old daughter for any new readers) came along with us just to kinda be there, plus I handed her my camera so she could get some pics of us.

There was a lot going on. It was held at a restaurant that sits right against the banks of a lake.  There were hot girls in bikinis and fellas with ripped abs coming in off the lake.  There was a silent auction going on inside as well as a garage sale happening in the parking lot.  A fishing tournament had started earlier in the morning and people were tracking that.

Anyway, I say all this to let you know we weren’t the only thing being given any attention.  So as we were playing we could tell there were only a handfull of people really listening to us so we thought we’d drag out a song that is kind of a favorite of ours although most certainly unknown to anyone outside a UU church.

And so here’s the memory, that I pray lasts me till my dying day.

The song we decided to pull out is a popular UU hymn that uses words by the Sufi mystic, Rumi.

We play it as a round and as we got into the singing part… particularly MY singing part, Little Fawn was singing along to herself.  I could see her, as she peered into the camera’s monitor to see the most recent  picture she had taken, singing along.  She was busy… somewhat distracted as she pressed the buttons, moved back and forth through the pics… deleting one, saving another… and singing… with her daddy.

She knows all the words. She knows the melody.  And it means more than I can describe that she likes it enough that she couldn’t “keep from singing”. (part of the title of another popular UU hymn)

I am forever grateful for that moment when I looked up at just the right time to see my baby girl singing this song with me in a place where it probably never has been heard or ever will be heard, again.

a birthday present for Little Fawn

I kinda glazed over the fact that Little Fawn had a birthday a couple of days ago. And it was a big one… at least in Mexican culture it’s a big one: 15.

My baby girl turned 15 on Tuesday. God, I can remember so vividly the day she was born. I’ll have to write about that one later. I had talked with a few friends and even my mom about throwing a big party for her… a quinceanera. But it just wasn’t in the cards.

It’s a pretty big deal when a Mexican girl turns 15. Not having really been raised as a Mexican I couldn’t tell you what that is but apparently it involves dressing the birthday girl in the gaudiest, trashiest dress one can find. Google quinceanera and you’ll see more examples.

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a couple of weeks goes by fast

I think i’ve writtten this a few times in the past year… too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I can hardly believe two weeks has gone by since I last posted anything.  I had a buddy of mine in college whose dad used to say all the time, “time and tide wait for no man.” Apparently the saying is pretty old.  Even back in the good ol’ days, people had too much to do and not enough time to do it.

But hopefully I’ll get some stuff posted soon.

Oh here’s some news… Little Fawn was born today.  Yep, 15 years ago today.  My little baby girl is getting so big.

file this in the WTF file

so the kiddo and I are at church this weekend, right.

A bunch of the little ones are in the fellowship hall and chasing a few of the older ones.
I see one of the younger boys tickling Little Fawn and she runs up to me and says, “daddeeee… William is trying to tickle me.”

I giggle and laugh a little and say, “i don’t think he’s trying to tickle you, i think he’s trying to touch your boobs.”

She quickly admonishes me by saying, “Daddy! No he’s not… he’s only eight… a little boy.” then she adds, “Besides, even he was he wouldn’t know what to do with them.”

[Deist thinks to himself, “what the f*#@ just happened here]

a day in the life of the UU Deist in Texas

ok, so this isn’t a typical day in my life… it’s more like an atypical Saturday. And what did i do? I spent an afternoon with a few of the ladies in my life. I had the daughter this weekend and we hung out with my mom, my baby sister and my niece. After going out for breakfast, we couldn’t figure out what to do but my mom suggested going to Trader’s Village.

It’s this place in the northwest part of Houston that takes up, I don’t know… maybe 200 acres including the parking lot. It’s like a super-humongo, ginormous garage sale. My mom considers herself the queen of garage sales and so…to her domain we went.

It’s actually a pretty cool place for people watching and you can find some pretty cool, weird, obscure stuff there… and CHEAP!

I wish I had thought to pull out my camera earlier than I did. Then I could have caught a pic of the vendor selling an assortment of hard to find tools that every guy must have. You know like that two foot long springy thing with the magnet on the end for retrieving bolts that fall in a tight spot in the engine. Not that I’ve ever done that 😀 I could have gotten a pic of a wagon wheel coffee table like the one in When Harry met Sally and a frame with cowhide wrapping around it. The odd thing is the cowhide still has the fur on it. Do cows have fur or is it hair?

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Protected: how Little Fawn got her name

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Cloverfield: more than just a monster movie

Finally got a chance to see Cloverfield. And against Amuirin‘s advice to not take Little Fawn (my 13 year old daughter) I did anyway.

I told Little Fawn I didn’t think I should take her because I thought it might be too scary. She convinced me that she wouldn’t have nightmares and that she’s seen movies that are scary when she was “much younger.”

“ugh, daddeeee… [slight pause] I saw Sleepy Hallow when I was 11 daddy,” she said with indignation in her voice. (so much younger right. : )

“And I’ve seen all three of the Lord of the Rings movies and there’s all kinds of scary stuff in them [pause]

“… and i saw them with you!”

: | blink… blink…

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The long night is soon over

I’m not one who really finds neo-Paganism or earth centered traditions appealing. Those spiritual paths don’t really resonate much with me.

But a few years ago, i bought a James Avery Season’s ring for Little Fawn.
In the little box it came in I slipped a note that said:

Wear this ring and remember our ancestors
They followed the sun and the moon.

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Protected: what to do… what to do

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