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slap me silly and call me MacGyver

So I’m still doing home improvements.  I’ve lived in my house almost 13 years and I don’t think I’ve done this much improvement in all those years combined as I have in the past year.  Most (ok, actually all) of it being spurred by ugly letters from my home owners association, The Deistette’s deathly allergies to mold and hurricane Ike having torn pieces of my house off a couple of years ago.

So last weekend the project was to tear off a small patch of siding and replace it and the insulation underneath.  Easy enough I guess.  It’s only about three and a half feet high and not quite six feet wide with a three foot square window in the middle.

I feel compelled to note that a little challenge to this project is it’s on the second floor of the house and by the way, I have an extreme fear of heights.  This little affliction didn’t serve me well while in the military.

So I go the local big box home improvement store to get the stuff I need.

Another thing to mention… Continue reading


Necessity is the mother of invention

Ok, so I didn’t invent anything but necessity bred a strong impulse to learn to become a cabinet installer, plumber, sheet rock installer, mold abatement guy, and all around Do-It-Yourselfer.

You see, the reason I’ve been gone from the interwebs for a while is I had to rebuild my kitchen. Not completely but there was a pretty good chunk to fix because I had a leak underneath the sink.

Actually this story goes way further back than that. I bought the house we live in 12 years ago and the guy I bought it from told me that someone had broken in to the house from the kitchen window several years before and in doing so broke a pipe. He apparently didn’t have it fixed right and I being a first-time home buyer didn’t know I could tell him, “fix it or I won’t buy it.” I figured it was an “as-is” sort of sale.

Anyway, 12 years of neglect finally caught up with me.

Like I said we had a leak. Who knows how long the leak had been dribbling out of the sink because we never, ever open that cabinet. But here is what started it all. That is the drain basket that attaches to the sink and to the drain pipes.  Somehow it had worked itself loose of the drain basket.

Some of my blog peeps might remember I’ve written before how The Deistette is highly allergic (pretty much ‘deathly’ allergic) to mold. A few weeks before my brother came over to help rip it all out, she was having bad allergy attacks (her sinus were so inflamed she had nose bleeds) and we didn’t know what was causing it.  We just figured it was pollen.  Continue reading