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last minutes with Oden

I’m a member at and get an update every day as to the newest vids.  This place is much different from YouTube in that the community is made up mostly of amateur, semi-pro and pro film makers. And these people are putting out some very amazing work.

To recognize those who stand out in this pool of film makers, this weekend organizers are holding the inaugural Vimeo Festival and Awards.

I learned of the documentary below through my vimeo daily update in December of ’09 (at least that’s when I first created this post and subsequently left it in the draft bin)

For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to post it. I don’t know why.  It reminds me a lot of how I felt about my little buddy who I had to let go of in May of 2002 though.  But I found out on NPR’s website today that “Last Minutes with Oden” is one of the top five finalists in the documentary category.

Be prepared to whip out the tissue while watching it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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You can’t save ’em all…

I’m going to brag on The Deistette a little.  It is no exaggeration to say that she is a hero, a lifesaver.  A God-send… at least to a few.

Since she moved here in September of ’08, I have seen more strays and castaways step through the door of this house than in the 12 years I’ve lived here.

But for some reason… they find her.  Dogs and cats that turn up lost or thrown out although once, there was a threesome of baby possums that we found in our garage.  How they got there I still don’t know.

There have always been stray cats in the neighborhood.  Hell, we’ve got about eight or ten stray cats on our street alone.  So to have a kitten show up now and again is not surprising.  But it’s the dogs she always manages to stumble over that amaze me.  For those of you who have been following me since she and I met, Continue reading

my view every morning

This our dog, Canyon.

Every morning, he sits at the edge of the bed watching me and The Deistette as we sleep. And when he knows we’re awake… he still sits there… just like this… staring. Makes me wonder how long he sits there waiting for one of us to get up.

Funny, huh. Actually when it first happened it kinda freaked me out a little cuz his nose was almost against my nose when my eyes opened. As I laid there with my head at the edge of the bed and I figured out what he was doing, I sat there staring at him and he staring at me.

We rescued him shortly after Hurricane Ike hit.

Actually, he adopted us. He showed up on our doorstep about four or five days after the storm and The Deistette gave him some food and water and he never left. As you might imagine he completely adores her.

He’s a really good dog and we’ve tried to figure out what his story is Continue reading

a cool picture

My brother is a bit of a photographer himself. He’s actually pretty good. I don’t know how or when exactly he picked up the bug but I remember several years ago (about ’98 or so I guess) he wanted to show me some of his pictures and get tips on how to develop film and prints.

I was amazed at how much his images looked like mine. I mean, I was really surprised at how his pics were composed very much like mine. The subject often being slapped right in the center of the image. Full negative composition and printing. Slowed shutters to give movement.

Although we weren’t always close Continue reading

the American spirit of adventure alive and well

I met Willie and Puppy back on Feb 19th but I lost the little doohickey that plugs into the slot thingy on my computer that lets me upload my pics from my camera. (Sorry for using that technical jargon on y’all… just tryin to impress you with my computer prowess)

Anyway so I finally found it and am now able to put the pics along with this post so here you go.

I saw these two as I was driving on my way to work last week and as I passed them up I saw a little cardboard sign in the basket of this guy’s bike that said, “BIKING ACROSS AMERICA”.I had to stop and meet this guy to see what he was all about and why he had a dog in tow. Luckily I had my camera so I waited for him a few minutes up the road. Which, this particular road, by the way is extremely heavy with traffic.

I got to talking to him and was perplexed by what he was doing and his lack of planning. I mean, I’m a pretty spontanious person but even I have my limits.

And I’m not naive, I mean he looks like a homeless guy whose come up with a new way to make a few tax free bucks off of people who give the benefit of the doubt.

People kinda like me.

Continue reading

On kisses and spit

I’m in a silly mood today. Maybe it’s because The Amazon is still pursuing me and I’m feeling all giddy over that. It’s nice to be wanted.

So i went into the kitchen here in our offices to get coffee and took back a spoon I had planned to use earlier this morning but didn’t. (had an unused plastic one in a drawer I found). So i put the metal spoon back in the utensil drawer.

My co-worker Irma says, “ewww Huleeáhn, what arr jew dewink?!” (she has a very think Mexican accent)

“what?… it’s clean. I only licked it once.”


(I didn’t really lick it but it’s funny. like I said I’m in a silly mood.)


I have two sisters. The baby and another, a year and half older than her.
Sandra my younger sister when she was like six or seven began repeating something she learned in school or somewhere that a dog’s mouth is the cleanest of all animals.

(I don’t know if that’s true but she used to say it… a lot.)

So one day our dog came up to her when she was sitting on the floor and gave her a good sloppy one right across the lips and face. She jumped up and started screaming about how the dog just licked her in her mouth. My younger brother began taunting her saying very sarcastically, “but a dog’s mouth is the cleanest of all animals.”

Then my youngest brother without looking away from the tv, yells out to the fray, “i think she just finished licking her butt.”

It was only one little kiss on the face.

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my best friend…

© jz, 1998

Several years ago i had a little dog. One of the best friends I’ve ever had. He was my running partner. He was a travel companion. He shared my fondness for good beer. And he was by my side during a very dark time in my life, just sitting next to me… no judgment, no encouragement, no pithy statements to get me through. Just sitting staring into the distance… silent.

But in his tenth year on this rock, he came down with something and he began to wither away. He couldn’t keep food down and he became weaker and weaker and took on the look of an emaciated captive. His little body became a cage keeping him confined to this world.

He was very weak and most days he couldn’t bring himself to really do anything but just lay curled up in himself on the ground. I resigned myself to the idea that I was continuing unnecessary suffering by not taking him to the vet so one Sunday decided I should release him from his cage.

It was so painful. It was so sorrowful to let him go I can’t even put into words.

I have a friend whose father is in a pretty bad way. It makes me wonder why we as a society can easily see the gift of releasing our four-legged companions when they are suffering but not for our family and friends.

Goodbyes are so painful… especially when you don’t want to say it. Especially when you want to stay together.

[Diest takes a sip of beer… pours a little in his buddy’s old dog dish and wipes a tear from his eye]