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another year notched

So today is my birthday. Not to be confused with my blog’s birthday.


MY birthday.

Yep. Jules is fpowritfy tnwro yrs old.

Ahem… sorry. Little somethin in my throat. Been trying to get over a little cold.

I said am fpowritfy tnwro yrs old today. : )

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ridin’ cupcake… well, it ain’t muppet sex

Some of you may have seen some comments i’ve posted over at Amuirin‘s place where I said I would ride cupcake with her any day.  So as not to make everyone think this is some weird, kinky, muppet-sex, erotic fantasy… I will do some ‘splaining.

A couple of months ago I went to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Peter Bradley Adams, (which i wrote about here) at a cool little pub here in town called the Mucky Duck. He had on stage with him a friend named Claire Small. She had a bunch of her friends in the audience who apparently are deeply entrenched scooter enthusiasts (there were about a dozen scooters in the parking lot that night).

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venturing into the city for music

I meant to post this a couple of months ago when I actually caught this show that included Abra Moore, who is extremely talented and a pretty cool person to talk to. But I actually went to see the opener, one of my favorite singer/songwriters Peter Bradley Adams. He was in town at a really cool little pub called the Mucky Duck and so I ventured out of the burbs and into the big city to go see him.

What a treat. Not only did I get to see an extremely talented performer do what he does so well, but I also got a signed CD (click to see bigger view), I sat at the bar and had a beer with him and was able to get a little insight into his view of the music industry.

If you ever the get the chance to see him, I highly recommend going. You can check out some of his songs on his website to get a feel for what he sounds like.

Here is Pete and his friend Claire Small performing a song they wrote together called, “i will come”. This was its debut…. it was a stroke of luck to be in the audience to hear them perform it for the first time and that I caught it on my little video cam.

words in a picture

This is kinda cool. I found this website called wordle on Muse’s site. Thanks Muse.

It turns the words of your website into a word cloud. I did a screen capture so y’all could see mine.

Tah dahhhhh!

ok, i showed you mine now show me yours. : )

uuMomma, AmuirinLazy Buddhist Melon Girl.  c’mon… open up.  let me see ’em.  Your word cloud that is. : )

Dave Matthews Band loses bandmate

Many of my blog peeps and regular readers know I’m a pretty big DMB fan. Well, I found out today that LeRoi Moore, sax player and one of the founding members of the band, died last night due to complications from injuries received from an ATV accident back in June.

He’ll be missed.