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a time for renewed hope


… baseball season has begun. The Astros started off the 2008 season in San Diego last week and our home opener is today.

Now I’m not one of those guys who is a sports freak. I mean, I don’t paint my face for game day, I don’t high-five strangers next to me at the bar after a good play. And i don’t normally clear my calendar every year as the season home opener approaches but one of my blogpeeps, Ombudsben has got me excited about this year’s baseball season. I shouldn’t give him all the credit, I mean I usually follow the hometown Astros off and on throughout te season and the Astros have been my team since I first picked up a baseball and played little league at the age of 7. But Ombud has got me feeling a little more charged up about baseball this year.

Not that he’s spouted off any stats, or given any inside info on trades, spring training spotlights or omniscient predictions of another Astros showing at the World Series. Nope, in fact, my west coast living friend Ombud, originally from Minnesota, is a Twins fan. But just mentioning the upcoming season in comments to posts has brought on memories of season’s past and renewed hope.

I’m sure a ton of ministers out there have given a sermon or two Continue reading


another equinox post – sunrise in Ireland

I found this really cool video at

It shows 50 minutes of sunrise at Cairn “T” one of several megalithic cairns which are dotted around the Slieve na Caillaigh hills at Loughcrew in Ireland.

[EDIT! I forgot to mention, the 50 minutes of sunrise has been compressed into 40 seconds.  ok, now have a peek.]

Is that too cool or what!

The earth finds balance

Happy Spring Equinox y’all!!!

Officially it was at 5:48am UTC so for us out here in Central Standard Time of the U.S., balance occurred at 11:48pm on the 19th.

Man!… I’m a day late and a dollar short. Story of my life.

a picture of our home.

quite beautiful isn’t she.