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there is a little boy in my house

Things changed quite a bit after The Deistette moved into Casa Jules back in mid-September. Changed for the better I think.

I no longer came home from work to an empty house. There was no longer evidence that the person living here subsisted on the fast food joint of the day. And my house had a different… i don’t know… different “feel”.

But Thanksgiving weekend things changed even more. We picked up The Deistette’s son. He’s four and a half. He’s small for his age and he has sent me back in time. Continue reading


marriage for none… civil unions for all

Throughout the UU Blogosphere and on my own blog peeps list, I have seen this video popping up. No doubt why. Keith Olbermann’s commentary resonates loudly with liberal thinking people.

But despite his slant, Keith, asks a question which I think should send a red flag up for conservatives.
You see, I’m a bit of a conservative, too. I am a bit of a UU oddity in my political stance. I am a card carrying member of the Libertarian party. Some people call it, the Real Republican party or the Republican Party of Teddy Roosevelt.  I’m not a hard core Libertarian, but I agree with a little more of its platform than the others.

And so I’ve thought about this same sex marriage thing off and on for a few months… letting it kind of stew in mind a little and I came to the same conclusion this guy over at The Little Cog did. There should be no marriage licenses for anyone… civil unions for all. I don’t really get too riled up about many causes except the separation of church and state and the whole marriage equality thing i think can be argued to fall in that realm.

I mean marriage between two people is a religious construct. It is not a governmental institution. Why does the government need to recognize or sanctify (via a marriage license) a religious ceremony.

And so I’m asking you, the rare, politically conservative reader of my blog, does California’s Prop 8 and Keith’s commentary below send a red flag to your political stance.  If not… why?  Because if you truly believe in smaller government, if you truly believe the government should leave you alone, how can you possibly justify the government telling someone it is or isn’t ok to marry

I don’t understand.  Please tell me how you, as a political conservative, think it’s ok for the government to tell you whether it’s ok or not to do something as important as be with the one you believe you should be with.

And to quote Keith… why does this matter to you?

my view every morning

This our dog, Canyon.

Every morning, he sits at the edge of the bed watching me and The Deistette as we sleep. And when he knows we’re awake… he still sits there… just like this… staring. Makes me wonder how long he sits there waiting for one of us to get up.

Funny, huh. Actually when it first happened it kinda freaked me out a little cuz his nose was almost against my nose when my eyes opened. As I laid there with my head at the edge of the bed and I figured out what he was doing, I sat there staring at him and he staring at me.

We rescued him shortly after Hurricane Ike hit.

Actually, he adopted us. He showed up on our doorstep about four or five days after the storm and The Deistette gave him some food and water and he never left. As you might imagine he completely adores her.

He’s a really good dog and we’ve tried to figure out what his story is Continue reading

file this in the WTF file

so the kiddo and I are at church this weekend, right.

A bunch of the little ones are in the fellowship hall and chasing a few of the older ones.
I see one of the younger boys tickling Little Fawn and she runs up to me and says, “daddeeee… William is trying to tickle me.”

I giggle and laugh a little and say, “i don’t think he’s trying to tickle you, i think he’s trying to touch your boobs.”

She quickly admonishes me by saying, “Daddy! No he’s not… he’s only eight… a little boy.” then she adds, “Besides, even he was he wouldn’t know what to do with them.”

[Deist thinks to himself, “what the f*#@ just happened here]

a day in the life of the UU Deist in Texas

ok, so this isn’t a typical day in my life… it’s more like an atypical Saturday. And what did i do? I spent an afternoon with a few of the ladies in my life. I had the daughter this weekend and we hung out with my mom, my baby sister and my niece. After going out for breakfast, we couldn’t figure out what to do but my mom suggested going to Trader’s Village.

It’s this place in the northwest part of Houston that takes up, I don’t know… maybe 200 acres including the parking lot. It’s like a super-humongo, ginormous garage sale. My mom considers herself the queen of garage sales and so…to her domain we went.

It’s actually a pretty cool place for people watching and you can find some pretty cool, weird, obscure stuff there… and CHEAP!

I wish I had thought to pull out my camera earlier than I did. Then I could have caught a pic of the vendor selling an assortment of hard to find tools that every guy must have. You know like that two foot long springy thing with the magnet on the end for retrieving bolts that fall in a tight spot in the engine. Not that I’ve ever done that 😀 I could have gotten a pic of a wagon wheel coffee table like the one in When Harry met Sally and a frame with cowhide wrapping around it. The odd thing is the cowhide still has the fur on it. Do cows have fur or is it hair?

There are all kinds of pets being sold Continue reading

On kisses and spit

I’m in a silly mood today. Maybe it’s because The Amazon is still pursuing me and I’m feeling all giddy over that. It’s nice to be wanted.

So i went into the kitchen here in our offices to get coffee and took back a spoon I had planned to use earlier this morning but didn’t. (had an unused plastic one in a drawer I found). So i put the metal spoon back in the utensil drawer.

My co-worker Irma says, “ewww Huleeáhn, what arr jew dewink?!” (she has a very think Mexican accent)

“what?… it’s clean. I only licked it once.”


(I didn’t really lick it but it’s funny. like I said I’m in a silly mood.)


I have two sisters. The baby and another, a year and half older than her.
Sandra my younger sister when she was like six or seven began repeating something she learned in school or somewhere that a dog’s mouth is the cleanest of all animals.

(I don’t know if that’s true but she used to say it… a lot.)

So one day our dog came up to her when she was sitting on the floor and gave her a good sloppy one right across the lips and face. She jumped up and started screaming about how the dog just licked her in her mouth. My younger brother began taunting her saying very sarcastically, “but a dog’s mouth is the cleanest of all animals.”

Then my youngest brother without looking away from the tv, yells out to the fray, “i think she just finished licking her butt.”

It was only one little kiss on the face.

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Christmas a little early

One of my co-workers brought homemade tamales today.

My aunt, who passed away a few years ago, used to always make tamales at Christmas time so my first batch of homemade tamales always reminds me of going down to the Rio Grande Valley to visit her, my uncle and cousins.

The holidays are upon us.