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wherein the Deist and Deistette praise God OR….

W E ‘ R E   F A R M E R S !!

So during the four weeks when I was doing the demolition and reconstruction of our kitchen (see post below) I decided since I was in a building kind of mood I would construct a little raised garden bed.  “Little” is the key word here.  It’s only two and a half feet by five and a half feet.

It’s really cool though.  I can hardly believe it. (click the thumbnails to see bigger pics)

Emmie and I have talked about doing one since… well since before we even met.  For a little more than a decade I’ve had the notion of living off the land, raising a few chickens and goats and having a garden that could sustain my family.  Keep in mind I know nothing about country living or farming and ranching but like I said for years I’ve had the desire to do this. I even bought my own little piece of Texas about nine years ago with the hopes of doing it some day.

Emmie told me when we first met online that she has had the dream of being able to have her own vegetable garden for years as well.

Well, she ain’t much but here it is.

Our little plot of earth that will soon release her bounty.  🙂  And with God’s good grace and laws of physics He has set in place (and hopefully despite my complete lack of knowledge) we will have at least some fresh veggies from our own garden.

We started by planting seeds back in February.  That may have been a bit early but like I said we don’t really know what we’re doing.  Continue reading

Sunday grillin’

I haven’t done this in a long time. It was really nice to just relax on a Sunday afternoon.

I used to fire up the grill once every couple of months or so but after the ex wife and I split six years ago that kinda fell to the wayside. I mean, I was in survival mode, financially and emotionally and i didn’t have the time to do anything but work and sleep. In fact, I went so long without tending to that old grill that it fell to the elements and now is pretty much just a big pile of rust.

I guess it’s apprapo as it was a wedding gift… it fell into ruin just like that marriage.

But I digress. This isn’t about then. It’s about now. It’s about firing up the grill yesterday.

new grillI’d kinda forgotten how I liked cooking out on the grill.

This one is quite a bit smaller than the old one I used. The old one had a firebox and the grill part was about three feet long. But this little one gets the job done.

Here she is puffing a little smoke out of the vent.

The Deistette doesn’t really eat a lot of meat… she might have a small serving at one meal during the day but that doesn’t happen every day. Well she conceded to a pretty big serving for Sunday grillin’ but she couldn’t quite do it. After taking a couple of bites… she couldn’t finish. She just doesn’t really eat a lot of meat.

chicken on the grillNow The Little Man on the other hand… HE is a carnivore. And he could barely wait as this little grill started puffin’ out the wonderful smell of chicken on the grill. His little brother, who I call Tank (built nothing like The Little Man who is kinda skinny and lanky) is solid and stout. He on the other hand doesn’t really care for the grilled chicken. Oh well… more for us. : )

You know… I haven’t mentioned that Tank has been with us for about three weeks. Emmie’s divorce decree allows her to Continue reading

falling of the wagon

The eating-well-and-taking-care-of-my-body wagon that is.

At the beginning of the year i wrote about how I was already a couple of months into shedding some pounds and getting healthier. But like most people with New Year’s resolutions and high hopes, it didn’t last all year nor did it last very long.

For the past month I’ve been eating like crap. Too much to do and not enough time to do it has spun me into the 99cent heart attack diet and my body is letting me know about it. I just feel like… yuck.
This morning I talked with my adopted big sis, Lillet, and she said that is most certainly what is causing my “yuck” feeling. She said I’m not eating any foods with any lifeforce in them.
Lillet is a little more new agey than me (actually I don’t consider myself new agey at all) but I think she might have a point here.

Continue reading

A Restlessness

I have a friend who is like a big sis… no she IS my big sister. I love her dearly and we have this wonderful sibling relationship. I mentioned her in a post about a month ago… (Lillet, pronounced lill-ay) She’s awesome!

So we met for lunch about a week ago and… wait, speaking of lunch…

i’m gonna pimp out sis a little. She’s a foodie. Despite being 5’5″ and all of about 97 pounds she loves to eat and loves to cook. She’s an awesome cook! It probably explains my thick profile. 😀 So she just started her own blog over here about foodie stuff. Check it out. Show her a little love. Get her to write more.

Anyway, where was I…. oh yeah, we went to lunch and for some reason just as we were leaving she mentioned something about feeling restless. I said, “yeah, me, too. like something is gonna give. Something is gonna change, right?… shift.”

It was weird. We hadn’t talked about it before this, although in this conversation I learned she and i have been feeling this way for a few weeks. She has a couple of friends who have mentioned a similar feeling.

She and I agreed it isn’t bad like looming disaster. It’s just a change, a shift… but we feel it coming and it’s the waiting that gives us some sort of restlessness.

Do any of y’all feel it? i wonder what’s coming down the pike. Maybe something’s coming back into balance.

Weird. Who knows… maybe we had too much caffeine at lunch.