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coppin’ a feel in old age

A few days ago after my wife woke up I said to her, “i think my body produces some sort of viagra-like substance from about 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning. See?”

“Oh my God! Put that thing away. We have to get up.”

“But I am.” mrgreen

“Annnnd… get ready for work and put the boy on the bus.”

I chase my wife around the house quite often. Occasionally I catch her. So despite being in my mid-40s, I am so not in the target market for the commercials for cialis that state, “so you can be ready.” or something to that effect.

I suspect it will happen eventually. Who knows.

Sex aside… I hope that The Deistette and I are like these two folks here in 20 years. I cried with laughter at watching this vid but analyzing it and their behavior a little deeper than the surface shows a couple that is so comfortable with each other it incites hope for long-term marriage.

It does in me anyway… as well as hope for continued peeks at boobies.
Burp! excuse me.


The Deistette shows a different side

My wife did something today that was, for the most part, completely out of character.

It started with something she said this morning as we were hookin’ and jabbin’ through the craziness involved in getting us and The Little Man out the door this morning. She said, “I’m gonna wear my “get-an-increase-in-pay” undergarments.

I came back with, “I trust you’ll be wearing something low-cut to show off the effects of your super-padded push-up bra.” : )

She said, “no… but I think this will do quite nicely.” She looked down at her fuzzy sweater and the “girls” with approval.

My blog peeps have seen a pic or two of The Deistette and know that her cups do not runneth over but they’re perky and cute. Add her secret weapon of a push-up bra to the mix and she’s almost dangerous.

I was curious about why she said this though. I mean, she said it almost as if she had some sort of plan in mind. Weird. I don’t know if she did have a plan but i wonder.

So she called me at work and told me she found out that the company she works for might be hiring a second Adviser’s Career Counselor.

“How’d you find out?”
“I asked my boss about it.”
“What! You’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to ask around. Get the scoop. Come in ninja style. You know… [Deist whispers] nihhhhhn-jah.”
“Nope. I just asked him. Besides I don’t like wearing all black. That’s why I wouldn’t make a good ninja.”
“yeah… THAT’S why. So how did you hear about the job opening that made you ask him.”
“I didn’t. I went into his office to ask him something but as we were finishing with that I kinda threw in, ‘You know Brian when you hired me you said there was a good possibility this job would turn full time. Is that still true?’ He said he was thought he might be able hire a second Adviser’s Career Counselor next year if things go right.”
“Wow, so what’d you say.”
“I said, ‘I want it. I want that job.'”

😐 [blink blink blink] (Deist thinks to himself, “who are you and what have you done with my little Deistette)

So The Deistette just earned herself mucho sexy points for blatant use of her girly wiles, wanton display of ambition and her frank, directed, quasi-lustful means of stating she wants the job.

Well played Miss Emilie… well played.

She’ll be gettin’ some much deserved lovins tonight. 😀