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the Pope’s U.S. visit

Well, I’m sure you know by now Pope Benedict XVI is coming over to pay the U.S. a visit.

You know what?….. I didn’t realize he’s been the head honcho, el jeffe, big kahuna, the-buck-stops-here of the Catholic Church for three years now. Time flies when you’re havin fun right.

Well, he isn’t coming to Texas this year. Kinda feel a little snubbed. You know like when your favorite band goes out on tour and they hit a couple of other cities in your state but decide not to swing by your city. Sucks!

I mean c’mon! We have this big new cathedral and everything that cost about a buhzillion dollars to build… well, co cathedral to be more accurate. I heard the reason they call it a co cathedral but I wasn’t really paying attention. Anyway… you’d think he’d want to come take a peek at it. Make sure the hand soap dispensers are working properly in the bathrooms. You know, give it a little test drive. (hee hee hee… holy shit! get it. Pope. bathroom. handsoap. hee hee hee)

Well, so the Pope isn’t coming and we’re missing out here in Texas.

I’m sure the Dalai Lama will swing back by. He came through last year about this time. Maybe he’ll hit the links, too. We’ve got a ton of golf courses in this area. Heck, I’d caddy for him if I could get this deal for sure.

taking a mental health day OR four!!!

My dad told me yesterday he NEEDED a mental health day. I thought perhaps a whole 30 mental health days might be in order for him however that’s for another post to be tagged “crazy- shit-my-dad-says-and-does-why-is-he-so-mental” :mrgreen:

Being smack dab in the middle of tax season and he an accountant and tax preparer, I can certainly understand how he would feel a need to take a breather.

So, he insists I go with him on this mental health day.
“C’mom… I’m your dad. (he uses that line a lot!) Let’s go do a quick real estate survey.

It was an awesome day down here in the Lone Star State. Perfect day to go check out a little real estate. It’s now almost time to go home.