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Battle scars

I’m not sure if something is going around or if everyone in my office has a case of the Friday flu but two of my co-workers are out and two others came in late claiming a child was sick. If we had a couple dozen employees it might go unnoticed but when there are only seven of us… well, it raises an eyebrow.

Something is definitely going around though as The Boy woke us up at 3:30 Thursday morning after having barfed his guts up. All morning and into the afternoon he slept in between having it shoot out of both ends of him. I know… probably too much info.

He seemed to get better then he’d barf up again, his fever would raise a half degree or so then he’d sleep. A couple of hours later he would drink just a little then the same series of events would happen.

Finally about 8:00pm or so we decided to take him to the hospital. We worried of appendicitis because his low-grade fever wasn’t really coming down. Well the doc said it was probably viral since he’d had four other kids come in with the same stuff. Something’s probably going around.

He poked around on his belly and didn’t feel like it was appendicitis. So he prescribed fluids.

The Boy immediately started crying because he knew what that meant.

A pokey.

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