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thoughts on SB1070

Well I have managed to calm down a little from the passage of SB1070 in Arizona and a discussion with my brother in-law (my white brother in-law) who is married to my (Mexican) sister.  I also had some online sparring with a few others about the subject as well that got me a little pissed off.

In all cases, none of us are lawyers nor do we know immigration law.  But we were giving it our best shot.  I even thought I had things nailed down when I told my brother in-law the bill is violation of the Constitution.  I thought it especially ironic that I had to give my him a civics lesson and had to explain what the Fourth Amendment is, although he claims the oath he took to join the Navy to defend the Constitution is a big deal to him still.

Anyway… in discussing as many angles as we could think of, one thing was quite clear.

The discussion was an “us” and “them” mentality.  And the underlying basis (at least in my opinion) of what was coming out of the minds of those I was sparring with was “them” are different from “us” and because of that,  “us” doesn’t like “them”.

You know there are all kinds of posturing and defenses the pro SB1070 folks claim as to why they support Arizona’s decision.  Loss of jobs, drain on the economy, crime is higher, strain on school systems, etc.

The fact is, the cost of illegal immigration according to one study I found here says it’s a wash.  Another here says the costs are minimal.  Now, I’m not saying I am pro illegal aliens.  I’m just showing some sources that discount the claims of those who try to justify their racism with economics.

The really sad thing about the passage of SB 1070 though is the underbelly that has been made visible.  It is a sad testament of those in support of the bill.  The line that has been drawn in the sand and those who stand in support of the bill has shown how we as human beings have not evolved at all.  We have lost sight of whatever religion we follow and the teachings that have told us to care for our fellow man.  We are fearful of those different from us. We lack the capacity to empathize with others and cannot see the savagery we display when we devolve down to our reptilian brain.

THAT, my friends, is the truly ugly aspect of this bill.


And now… a little comic relief to ease some of the tension.  This is a vid of couple of guys who hop the fence in Arizona.  At about 1:20 is where it gets kinda funny.  My Spanish isn’t very good but from what I can make out of this exchange between these two Mexican fellas goes something like this:

Guy 1 (with camera) “Hey so tell all of us your experience of being over on the other side.”

Guy 2: (the younger guy) oh it felt good. I was even able to speak English for a little bit. It even felt like the tone of my voice changed for a little while.

Ok… maybe it’s just funnier in Spanish.

I think Jesus built my UU church

Yep… I said it. I believe with all my heart that Jesus built my UU church. And it’s in this place that Jesus built where I’ve been able to learn about sacrificial love, compassion for all living things and helping those weaker than me.

And a couple of weeks ago I told The Little Man I believed Jesus built our church as we were pulling into the parking lot.

I should back-track a little before going any further in why I think this. I mean it must seem odd for The Deist, especially one of a UU persuasion to be making such statements.

A few weeks ago The Little Man (for new visitors here, The Little Man is my wife’s son… my stepson) and The Deistette were going to check out another church… a Methodist church and so I felt obligated to tell him a little about what he might see there. So Emmie and I naturally began with Jesus. We told him there are some people who believe in a man named Jesus and that they believe he is God.

And he said, “well, what about the real God? Do they believe in God?”

“Well, yes… but they believe Jesus was His son and is God also.”

He couldn’t quite grasp the concept. I have to be honest it perplexes me, too.

So we told him that Continue reading

Sen Obama’s speech… i’m sold

I just now had the chance to listen to his speech.

It’s quite moving…. eloquent…. and right on target.

I love his method of condemning the sin and not the sinner regarding his pastor.

If you haven’t seen it, give 30 minutes of your time and hear will undoubtedly be one that makes the history books.

the circle is tightening

My office got this a few days ago from the Department of Labor because they want to conduct an audit on one of our clients. It’s a list of documents they want to see when they come by and talk with us.

Sucks to be the client. They’re gonna lose some employees. Hell, what am I talkin about… we’re gonna lose some employees.


So there is a new House bill that was introduced on Nov 6th which many believe will easily pass through both houses and is the middle road to Immigration Reform. It uses something called the principle of Attrition Through Enforcement and will give all levels of government the authority to enforce laws already on the books.

My dad had it happen to him already when he went on Monday to renew his driver’s license. They asked for his social security card to make sure it matched his other info. It didn’t match.  The next day he went to the Social Security office to tell them they needed to fix a typographical error that’s prohibiting him from getting his license renewed (not really a typo as much a translation error… George / Jorge). They told him they need to see some form of ID. Catch 22 and now he’s wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do. He even called my aunt down in Brownsville and asked her to check it out and that office is doing the same thing. The circle is tightening.


This is kinda interesting. In reading the whole document it seems as though the conclusion of doing nothing about illegal immigrants costs us a nominal fee… if I read this right, about 200 bucks per household. But if they were all sent back to where they came from it could impact some regions and industries severely. According to the author of this document it is extremely difficult to tell. I pulled this excerpt for your reading enjoyment.

Sending all illegal immigrants home would reduce the U.S. labor force by 5 percent and the low-skilled U.S. labor force (workers with less than a high school education) by 10 percent or more. In 2005, illegal immigrants accounted for 24 percent of workers employed in farming, 17 percent in cleaning, 14 percent in construction, and 12 percent in food preparation. Losing this labor would likely increase prices for many types of non-traded goods and services, increase wages for low-skilled resident labor, decrease incomes of employers that hire these workers, and increase the incomes of taxpayers that pay for the public services these individuals use. The net impact of these changes would be small, although in some regions and industries the dislocation caused by the labor outflow would be considerable.
If, instead, illegal immigrants were allowed to remain in the country and obtain legal residence visas, the economic impact would depend on the rights granted to these individuals.

Well, either way… the squeeze on illegals is starting and what some are saying is in the name of security… to keep the “invasion” at bay. Some people are gonna get caught in the crossfire. It’s my personal opinion that the smokescreen is security but in reality they just want to send all those wetbacks across the big river because we tan better than them. My dad might need to start learning how to swim.

the above quote is commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

a really cool reproduction of this correct version of the statement can be purchased here.

No-match letters… two days to go

On October 1st, a San Francisco federal judge extended for 10 days a temporary restraining order that blocks the Department of Homeland Security from sending “no-match” letters to approximately 140,000 employers. By the 11th, the judge will rule on whether or not to permanently stop the Social Security Administration (SSA) from sending said letters.

I’ve only recently begun following this because it indirectly affects the company I work for. However there have been municipalities over the past year or so making news by enacting laws similar to the one the Dept of Homeland Security is attempting to enforce. Just a few of those are: Tulsa, OK, Riverside, NJ and Hazleton, PA

I wonder if the fate of the Homeland Security’s attempt will run the fate of the Hazleton, PA law. It was struck down by a federal judge as unconstitutional.

But what if… just what if, the DHS is given the go ahead with the No Match letters?

Perhaps we’ll find ourselves in the predicament that Riverside saw themselves in with their economy suffering. I can’t help but think it is what will most likely happen.

From a report yesterdat filed by Diane Sawyer on ABC’s Good Morning America this excerpt comes:

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has said his city would “collapse if they were deported,” referring to Mexican immigrants.The agriculture and the food service industries across the country are especially reliant on Mexican workers. A recent report out of Washington said that apple growers don’t have the workers to harvest the fruit.“If you took away Hispanic labor from agriculture and from dairying in Wisconsin, we’d be in crisis,” said Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Rod Nilestuen. “There’s no two ways about that.”“Las Vegas would stop. We would stop in our tracks.” said Donald Taylor, Las Vegas Culinary Workers Union. “They do everything from cleaning a room, serving a cocktail, to cooking a meal to serving a meal to cleaning the casino floor.”

In talking with my dad about it, he believes what has happened is municipalities and the government as a whole are tired of footing the bill on freebies for illegals. At least that’s what some arguments are.

It appears to me though what has happened (and can be seen in tv, newspaper and other internet discussion boards and blogs) is the ugly underbelly of America’s racist mentality has been exposed yet again.