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Semper Fi Marines

Today is the birthday of my beloved Corps. Born in 1775 at a tavern in Philadelphia.

Watching the video brings back so many memories of being in the Marine Corps. Much of what was said in the first three minutes is true of the U.S. Marines. “Marines are different.” “We have an obligation to be the most ready when the country is least ready.” “a special camaraderie to each other.” “honor courage commitment. ” “The mission is everything.”

I am proud to say I am U.S. Marine. I’m proud of my service as a journalist in the U.S. Marines. But I am ashamed at how our state department has used this force that is supposed to be for our country’s defense.

It was said by our previous president that we needed to be in Iraq and Afghanistan for our defense. If there is anything that would have made getting into this war more palatable it would have been to see Pres. Bush personally drive the twins and Dick Cheney take his daughters to see a Marine recruiter. I’d like to see what their reaction would be to this war if they saw their daughters in a helo plummeting to the ground like in this video.

I pray for you brother Marines… stay safe while in harm’s way and may you come home soon all in one piece.


high crimes and misdemeanors

I found this petition over at Dandelion Salad.   Former Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich is leading a charge to impeach President Bush.

I wonder what will become of this and how the blogging community will influence spreading the word and assist in demanding impeachment hearings.  Below is what can be read at the Kucinich website.

sign the petition at

Only one Congressman has the personal courage and the profound respect for our Constitution to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives and exercise his right and his responsibility to bring Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush – Ohio Representative Dennis J. Kucinich.

Beginning today, Americans who cherish our Democracy and the Constitutional principles upon which it was founded can stand up, speak out, and take action by signing the one official petition that carries the full and unqualified support of the one and only original sponsor of the impeachment resolution:
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich.

Support Dennis Kucinich.

Read the Articles and exercise your right to be heard by signing the official Kucinich Petition which Dennis will deliver personally to your Congressperson.