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another wedding

My best friend… my closest, dearest very best friend got married recently. It was bitter sweet.

I have known her for almost 23 years. That fact alone is amazing to me.

I met her when she was 17… just a girl. She was a senior in high school and I, a freshman in college. She had come up to visit her brother who I knew through the music department and I was smitten at first sight.

Apparently she was, too. We were inseparable when she came to school the next fall. For three years we were together. At different times in those three years, we were in the band together although she was not a music major. We worked together although i was not a very good waiter. And we lived together for a year… neither one of us very good at compromise. Children playing house we were.

She transferred to Texas A&M and we kept a long distance relationship, talking of marriage and were making plans for the future. We mad God laugh. Continue reading


a little live music this weekend

I went and saw a wonderful duet at a favorite watering hole of mine. This husband and wife team are absolutely amazing. I thought of Amuirin and the really cool musicians she introduces us to now and again.

Thought I would reciprocate.

So fellow bloggers, wonderful blog peeps and blog stumblers, I present…. andi and i performing “love never fails”.

an update on The Amazon

I’ve been meaning to post something about this for a little while since Jo and LB said they wanted details on what happens as I dive into the fray of the dating pool.

About a week ago (the day before Valentine’s Day) Good Morning America did a report on eHarmony. Here’s how the story intros:

eHarmony has about 19 million single members looking for love, and a national Harris poll found eHarmony’s site is responsible for about 44,000 weddings a year and more than 100,000 babies born so far from the site’s cybermatchmaking.

Pretty wild, huh! No Jo, I don’t hear wedding bells. 🙂

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to have and to hold from this day forward…

I heard something interesting on the radio today. Yesterday apparently is the day when more people find out about a coming divorce than any other day of the year.

The radio station had listeners call in and confirm what they thought… which was that couples wait to get through the holidays (for whatever that reason may be) and then lower the boom right as the new year begins.

One woman who called is a legal secretary at a one-attorney firm Continue reading

only one marriage license

I ran across another blogger’s page about two weeks ago where he mentioned this concept (in a comment/reply to another) and I can’t remember who it was or what topic it was about or where i saw it but the idea has been stuck in my head.

I thought it was odd the way he kinda glazed over his statement that our nation should only allow people to receive one marriage license.

Being one who has gone through two marriage licenses already and still carries hope that I will need another one someday (third time’s a charm, right?), the idea has made me think, “what if I had only been allowed one marriage license?” Would my choices have been different? Would I have been more deliberate?… more intentional?… more serious. Would I have written off the idea of marriage and had two long term, live-in relationships. Would others do the same? Would I have the beautiful little soul who is my daughter in my life?

What if the government forced people to get married if they got pregnant? I mean they keep people from getting married (same sex marriages being denied) so why not force them also?

Seems like I’ve heard there are only a handful of species that mate for life and humans ain’t one of ’em. Are we trying to force a square peg in a round hole with this whole one mate for life idea?  Are we tryin to make a kiwi fly when we know it can’t.

I don’t know… I like to think it’s a round peg and round hole. And like that little kiwi, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to fly but it can be done.

Happy Friday y’all.