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Santa’s home to be underwater

I listen to AM talk radio every now and then and one thing I’ve noticed about the very conservative hosts is that when it comes to the environment… namely, global warming, they all claim it’s a scam, a fear tactic, and one guy here in Houston who has the afternoon drive time slot on one of the stations calls it, “silly.”

They say Al Gore made his “little movie” touting global warming but didn’t use real science in his claims. They’ll say the weather is cyclical and that a degree or two of variance is ridiculous to get alarmed over.

I don’t know man… I just don’t see how they can say things like that when you see stuff like in the video below. I can’t remember where I heard or saw this… maybe it was Al Gore’s movie, that global warming won’t mean the earth will get hot. Global warming will cause us to get cold.

I guess we’ll know for certain if the North Pole actually disappears during the summer one year, The Great Conveyor Belt just stops and things get a little chilly.

Tell me what you think. I think we’re screwed.

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