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road trip!!!

A little more than three weeks ago The Deistette and I spent about 14 hours on the road together as we left Amarillo with all her stuff packed in a U-Haul and headed to Houston. (by the way, I found out she’s a Jew.  A Jewish Deistette… do they really make those?  Huh, who knew.)

Coincidentally it was the same weekend Hurricane Ike decided to come into town. I wanted to post this right after we got back but I’ve been kinda busy with work stuff and church stuff and trying to unscrew my house from what was latent storm damage. The appearance of mold has confirmed water got in somehow . Continue reading

well, we didn’t kill each other

In my previous post I talked about how my little Deistette was coming down to H-town from up in the panhandle to visit me. It was nice. It was a really nice visit as we got to learn more about each other.

It was weird for me as well. Weird having someone in my space. Weird to wake up with someone next to me. Weird to walk sideways so not to bump into each other in the hall, weird to wait to go to the restroom, weird to think “oh god, can she hear me going to the restroom.” : )

There was lots of saying “oh… sorry” as we maneuvered around each other. There were quite a few moments when I thought, “huh… i didn’t know that about her.” And it was an unusual but familiar experience (I’m referring to having been married before) to have the place where I occupy space double in its population.

The best thing about it all is she misses me and i miss her and that she’s coming back soon.

I think it’s a good sign this little dog is gonna get adopted.

i think… i’m gonna… puke.

Imagine a little dog that has been chasing the bumper of passing cars. There’s a really cool, beautiful, sleek, shiny one he’s only dreamed of being able to touch if even for just a second, let alone hold on to it for any length of time.

One day, that car stops on his street.

The driver gets out and calls for him to come over. Continue reading