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a cool picture

My brother is a bit of a photographer himself. He’s actually pretty good. I don’t know how or when exactly he picked up the bug but I remember several years ago (about ’98 or so I guess) he wanted to show me some of his pictures and get tips on how to develop film and prints.

I was amazed at how much his images looked like mine. I mean, I was really surprised at how his pics were composed very much like mine. The subject often being slapped right in the center of the image. Full negative composition and printing. Slowed shutters to give movement.

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Photos – a magnolia blossom

One of my blog peeps, Jo over at Florescence, wrote a poem titled “Magnolia”. Wonderful piece. You should go take a look at it.

In her comments I told her how it reminded of a time several years ago (when I was still shooting photographic art) I became obsessed with magnolia blossoms.

I’ve always liked them but for some reason back in 1999 or so I couldn’t get enough of them. I remember I tried taking pics in 1998 but none of them turned out. So for a year I waited for the spring to come back around and give some good blossoms to try and get.

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Photos – sunflowers

I’ve been meaning to keep posting these but as I looked at all the negs I found I kept thinking,

“meh, this one sucks”

“oh yeah, i remember taking these. yep, they suck, too.”

“Oooh… and this set of pics. hello… suuuuhhhh-ck.”

I heard or read someone say recently, “perfection is death. Perfection is death to art.”

So here are a couple that i never printed but always liked. Didn’t print ’em because they were so flat. Very weak to no contrast. Probably something in the development and not the exposure I’m thinking. I had to really tweak the heck out of ’em in photoshop to get them to turn out at all.

i remember taking pics of my ex-wife in this field. Not my daughter’s mommy but my second wife. She had on a sunflower dress and it was blowing with the wind just like the sunflowers in the field. Her hair was long and blonde and blew in her face. I hadn’t thought of that in some time.

For some reason I can’t find that roll of negs. Wish I could. Glad I found these though.

sunflower images ©2000 rjz

Photos 3 – from The Citizens series

Below are five of the approximately 20 images I showed in this series I called “The Citizens”

I stood in front of the old Citizens Bank Building on Main near Preston about two or three days a week for three weeks or so. It was interesting watching all the people walk absolutely oblivious to me being there. I crouched down near a street light and some newspaper stands. I think that’s what was there…. it’s been so long I can’t really remember but again I shot with my Yashica Mat twin lens. So instead of having a camera up to my face, I had it just a couple of feet above ground level and I looked down into the view finder.

I think I shot somewhere between seven and eight rolls, which is about 84 to 96 frames. When I picked the images to ultimately print and show, it was based on first consistency of the negatives to themselves. As you’ll see below, getting a consistent neg on several different days didn’t always happen.

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Photos – from the neighborhood bar

In a previous post, I talked about finding a bunch of my old negatives and said I’d post ’em now and again. Maybe I’ll try and make it an every Sunday thing. Or at least until I run out of negatives.

These two are from a roll that I took at a neighborhood bar. If I remember right, this roll was shot in 1997 or ’98. I had just started souping my own film Continue reading